Are your sales going down? If you’re wondering why people aren’t buying from you lately, there could be something wrong with your customer service. How does your staff treat customers behind your back? Ignoring complaints, providing the wrong information, or hanging up in the middle of the conversation will not only leave unresolved issues, but also irked customers. Such actions can cost your business thousands, if not millions, of dollars in lost profits.

Better interaction is one of the keys to increasing sales and customer loyalty. To improve customer service, your representatives should start with themselves. They should keep scoring high on the following:

1. Patience

People reach out to customer support services when they are frustrated or confused. It’s your customer service representative job to make your customers feel better by providing clear answers and effective solutions. Lack of patience will not help anyone; it will only exacerbate the problem, putting off customers and killing your brand reputation.

If you find your customer service representatives wanting in this aspect, consider retraining those who need to develop their patience. Enrolling them in stress management classes is also a good idea.

2. Product knowledge

When customer service representatives have less or no knowledge about how your products or services work, then they can’t answer inquiries well. They will also have a hard time identifying the right solutions and providing the best recommendations. The result? Unsatisfactory service.

To ensure that your people know how to handle or troubleshoot any concern about your brand, conduct another product training. Your employees should pass the demonstration before they get sent back to the floor.

3. Communication skills

Do your representatives raise their voice, or butt in while your customers are still speaking? Do they send poorly-worded emails? Your staff should learn how to speak up, how to listen, how to speak clearly, and how to communicate with the right tone and choice of words. When it comes to live chat support services, you can’t afford employees who are more likely to cause miscommunication rather than make everything crystal clear for your customers.

Customers are the lifeblood of your BPO company in the Philippines, especially the few loyal ones who bring in the majority of your sales and keep your business alive and well. You owe your success to them.

Your employees should also realize that without the continued patronage of your returning customers, their own employment would be at risk. Provide opportunities in which your staff can improve their skills and qualities so they can render better service.

At Forward BPO, we have highly-trained customer support service staff who can handle any complaint, inquiry, or issue with care and patience. If you’re looking for a BPO company with great customer service solutions, give us a call.