Fact: It was in 1992 that the first call center was established in the Philippines. Fast forward 25 years later, this one establishment has brought forth an age where the outsourcing industry has become a major contributor to the country’s economy second only to remittances. With an expected growth rate of of 15% to 18%, it won’t be a surprise if it will one day take the lead in the GDP race.

And if you are to sum up why many businesses prefer to partner with an outsourcing company in the Philippines, it all boils down to three things: Low Operation Cost, Quality Talent, and Startup Friendly.

  • Low Operation Cost

With expenses like taxes, employee mandated benefits, health insurance, legal liability, and other utilities now being handled by the provider, clients get to experience a savings of at most 80% in operation cost. This is made possible by the country’s low cost of living especially in cities outside Manila such as Cebu, Dumaguete, and Davao which has a Cost of Living Index of 37.00, 33.67, and 31.76 respectively.

  • Quality Talent

The Filipino talent pool is known for their cultural compatibility and english proficiency (ranks 15th among 80 countries and is 3rd in Asia according to the most recent EF EPI) which are qualities ideal for anyone working in the BPO field and is mostly thanks to the highly educated workforce being produced by the country’s colleges and universities.

Aside from voice and non-voice services, there’s also access to highly skilled individuals who can work on specialized areas like human resources, financing, accounting, digital technology (e.g. web design services, SEO, PPC, social media, etc).

  • Startup Friendly

Outsourcing is perfect not just for multi-billion companies but for startups and small to medium businesses (SMBs) as well. It is a logical and profitable solution to common startup problems like time constraint and limited resources as it gives you access to tailored technical support services, customer support, sales — just to name a few — at more affordable price.

The good news is the Philippines has numerous centers who cater to startups and SMEs and are flexible enough to meet their business requirements whether you’re looking for tailored technical support services, customer service, back office, sales, etc.

Though we have seen an increase in the number of competing countries in the BPO scene, the Philippines is without still a dominant player because of these three major benefits. A partnership with one of its centers would mean business growth. If you wish to learn more about, contact our Sales Team now!