One of the biggest factors that contribute to a company’s growth and success is effective customer service and support. Customers keep the company alive. This is the reason why many companies opt to provide quality customer support services that cater to customer queries, feedback, and concerns. One such service is live chat.

Live chat is a form of software of platform that provides you the opportunity to have real-time conversations with a customer once they are on your website or social media page. Using it gives you a better chance of increasing customer satisfaction levels and customer retention. In fact, studies have revealed that more consumers are likely to return to a site that has a live chat feature.

That said, there are still more live chat benefits, and we are here to pinpoint and explain each of them to drive home the point that you should at least consider it as part of your digital marketing and customer service strategy.

It’s Cost-effective

Customer support can be expensive. In call centers, customer service agents usually handle email and phone requests from customers and, if the account is quite big, even more agents are needed. Using live chat can relieve the pressure of having to hire a bigger team.

Live chat enables agents to engage in multiple chats at the same time, depending on the severity or complexity of each issue. This means that you need fewer agents to handle the concerns and requests from your customers. And since most live chat platforms or services are much cheaper than, say, hiring another agent, it’s actually also a more cost-effective solution. In other words, when done right and with reliable technology, it can lead to more savings without compromising customer support services.

More Conversions

Another benefit that live chat can provide is that it can help increase your company’s sales. When people visit your site, they might have questions about a product or service you have, and your answer might help them decide whether to purchase or not.

As mentioned, live chat allows your team to answer customer concerns or queries in real-time. If agents have sufficient product knowledge and know how to respond to each question through live chat, they can help the buyer reach a purchasing decision faster. This is important because people online tend to have less patience. If you’re able to answer their questions about a product or service quickly, you’re essentially increasing your chance of gaining more conversions. In a sense, live chat is like always having a salesperson on your website ready to answer queries about what you offer from potential customers.

Spot and Address Customer Problems

No product or service  is perfect. It will always have flaws, flaws that can be spotted by customers with a keen eye. When a customer complains about a specific part of a product or service, both your answer and how fast you can respond will matter. With live chat, you can respond to product concerns right away. Even if you don’t have a solution right now, at least the customer knows that you’re aware and is working on a way to solve it. People, both offline and online, don’t like being kept in the dark or ignored and assuring them that you’re aware of the issue might just be enough to quell their fears in the meantime.

Another thing that’s impressive about live chat is that it can store chat history. These stored messages give supervisors, administrators, and technicians the ability to know which issues are the most prevalent ones and should be prioritised. This, in turn, can result in improved products or services.

Be Ahead of the Competition

Many companies still don’t believe in the quality experience live chat can bring to their customers. In fact, recent research has revealed that most websites are still not using live chat. While this is a negative for those websites, this is also an opportunity for you to get ahead of the competition.

We’ve mentioned the key benefits of live chat so, if you’re still not using it, it’s time to at least consider doing so. Using live chat, may it be for your social media pages or website, not only allows you to enjoy the aforementioned benefits but can also improve your online reputation and make things easier for your target market, especially since 73% of customers are actually satisfied with live chat—a higher number compared to email and phone support.

Get the Best Team

We’ve explained that a business that incorporates live chat into their online strategy may no longer need a large team to handle customer concerns because of how it works and the benefits it brings. That said, you still need a competent staff to make sure you’re able to handle customer feedback, issues, requests, and queries you receive—may it be through live chat or other, more traditional means—the right way.

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