SMEs who decide to outsource specific services offshore can be a great help in achieving business growth. In our last blog, we explained the several steps one ought to take in acquiring an outsourcing service. However, the outcome following those steps might not always be good.

Learn how you and your business can avoid a bad outsourcing experience by following these best practices before, during, and after availing BPO services.

Consider Value First

It’s common practice to look at how much BPO companies are offering when it comes to their different services or packages. You may find a few BPO companies that offer the lowest price— don’t get tempted by that. Even if prices are low, know if it’s actually producing quality results.

Where can you see that?

Read what other companies are saying about them. With this, it will give you an idea if their prices reflect their services or if it is actually cost-effective. Never sacrifice value for a cheaper price.

Set the Tone

For business partnerships to succeed, a clear line of communication has to be established. It sets the tone. That is why it is necessary for you to communicate with your BPO company what you want to happen to your business. Establish clear expectations and make sure your BPO partner understands it. When people are on the same page, setting and achieving milestones is surely possible.

Additionally, don’t accept the usual nod or “yes” answer. Make sure they understand what you’re talking about by letting them paraphrase what you said. Remember, communication is a back and forth action. Don’t forget to listen to their opinion.

Test the Waters

Before you outsource major projects from your chosen outsourcing company, start small. Outsource small and simple services and observe how they handle things.

Be vigilant on their style and capabilities on how to solve problems and in creating solutions. Once they are meeting or even exceeding your expectations, you can now entrust “major projects” to them.


One notable practice you need to do when you start to outsource is to train the trainer of your future agents. If it took you months or years to master the tricks and trades of your business, pass that knowledge on to your outsourcing partner.

Consistent Evaluation

Observe the progress of your project. Constantly follow-up with your outsourcing team if things are going smoothly or a quick change is needed. Being able to spot and correct early mistakes gives you a chance to redo the entire strategy or just add or take away some aspects of the original plan. With that, it lessens the possibility of any future failure.

We Listen

At Forward BPO, we make it a priority to work hand-in-hand with our clients to design strategies that are suitable to achieve their expectations and goals. We are an Australian-owned outsourcing company in the Philippines that provide top-notch BPO outsourcing services. Know what are our cost-effective services and how we can help your company go forward by visiting our page or contact us now for more info.