A lot of businesses, both startups and established corporations, have ventured into outsourcing for various reasons. It may be because of the lower labor rates, the wider service offering or the flexible labor force, but most of them have enjoyed success. This success, however, didn’t just happen by chance. Planning, preparation and proper execution were fundamental to their operations. What can we learn from the experiences of these businesses that can make partnering with a call center work for us?

Here’s what companies who have tried outsourcing have done that contributed to their success

1. Make your objectives and targets clear

Cooperation and commitment should come from all people involved in the company. After identifying your objectives, take pains to ensure that all of the personnel in your organization especially in your management team are aware of them. At the same time, from the start of your project, let your outsourcing partner fully understand your targets and expectations.

2. Establish an incentive system

An excellent and proven method for motivating staff is by employing a reward system. Once the criteria for evaluating performance are finalized, you need to have a system for reinforcing good work and for discouraging sub-par performance. Incentives such as bonuses, gift checks and other material rewards and sanctions for not meeting standards are effective in helping manage behavior.

3. Consider your outsourcing team’s well being

Aside from offering financial rewards, think of your staff’s general well being. The outsourcing industry can be stressful and demanding with constantly changing work schedules and the challenge of interacting with various types of customers. Similar to what you would do for your permanent personnel, ensure that your outsourcing team also has competitive benefits and are given programs aimed at promoting a pleasant working environment as well as encouraging their health and wellness.

4. Reach out to your outsourcing team

To strengthen your relationship with your outsourcing team, bridge any gaps by communicating with them on a regular basis. This gives you a notion of their achievements and challenges and helps you understand things from their perspective, plus you can use this opportunity to send the message that you value and appreciate their work and effort. You can also regularly track your team’s performance and be updated of their status on achieving your goals.

5. Work on improvement

Stay in touch with the latest updates in your industry and use these new discoveries to make improvements to your processes and services when applicable. Innovative ways of solving common issues may also emerge. Another good idea is to Invest in training programs for your team to help them enhance their performance and further motivate them.

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