online lead generation

There are various ways to generate insurance leads and these methods, such as print advertising, flyers, TV and radio ads, have worked well for generations.  In today’s world, however, where many consumers are going digital, you have to be innovative to keep up.  This means looking for more leads online as well.  Here are some of the best online marketing techniques that insurance companies use to gain more leads:

1.  Enhancing your website’s design

One of the first things you need to do is to ensure that your website has an attractive look and is easy to navigate.  This builds your online presence and lets customers know more about your business.  To keep prospective leads interested in visiting and staying on your website, provide relevant and useful information for them.  Your contact details also need to be visible on each page of your site.    

2.  Optimizing your website for mobile

What some businesses with existing websites miss is that many customers now surf the internet using their mobile phones.  It’s important then that your website is optimized for mobile use so that customers will find it easy to read and scan your website whatever device they’re using.  Web application development services can be outsourced if your business does not have an in-house web team.

3.  Staying updated on social media

Social media accounts are another must for businesses who wish to strengthen their relationship with their current clients, plus be more noticeable to potential new customers.  Existing customers, when they’re satisfied with your service, will also willingly recommend and be an advocate for your business, which leads to more referrals for you.  

4.  Utilizing video marketing  

A recent trend in online marketing is the use of videos.  The main purpose of the videos should not be to promote your service but rather to offer valuable and engaging material to your audience and thereby show your expertise in your field.  These videos can then be posted on multiple social media channels like YouTube and Facebook as answers to customers’ frequently asked questions.  

5.  Outsourcing to lead generation specialists

If your aim is to save time and still produce leads at little cost, you can also accomplish this by outsourcing the task to a BPO company.  Doing so allows you to concentrate your efforts and resources instead on converting the leads that are given to you.  

Hiring a call center’s service to generate insurance leads for you is an excellent way to acquire quality leads with less time and cost.  Our company, which is located in the Philippines, specializes in customer care and technical support and we also offer B2B B2B lead generation services for various industries. Contact us to get started today.