Many businesses, big or small, seem to struggle with finding skilled staff.  However, in today’s digital era, you won’t need to worry about lack of talent if you’re willing to expand your horizon and explore farther.  Looking for your team members from any part of the world can now be done more easily through outsourcing.  At the same time, since outsourcing reduces labour costs, you can find the experts you need at lesser expense.     

What are some important tips to remember when creating your offshore team?

1. Broaden your perspective

Be prepared to manage a team with a culture that may differ slightly from what you’re used to.  It’s not only their time zone that might be different from yours.  You might need to also allow some time for adjustment while your current staff and offshore team are learning to coordinate.  

2. Plan for a video or face to face interaction

As much as possible, have your final interview process done over a video conference.  You’ll have a better gauge of the person you’re hiring if you can at least observe their body language.  Even when you’ve delegated the work to an outsourcing partner, it’s best to meet your team face to face at least once.   If your schedule and budget permits, conduct an on-site visit of your offshore team’s office.   

3. You can opt for a short-term contract in the beginning

If you have no wish to fully commit right off the bat, some outsourcing providers are open to short –term contracts.  Ensure that you discuss this with them thoroughly including the conditions of your agreement.  You can move on to a longer-term contract once you’ve built a good relationship with your business process outsourcing service provider.

4. Look for committed, intrinsically motivated workers

Ideally, we look for staff who are driven when it comes to their work.  This becomes even more important when getting team members who will be working off-shore.  Although managers should also do their best to encourage their team, the members themselves must be intrinsically motivated.  

5. Promote a culture of teamwork

Once you’ve built your team, encourage them to get to know each other better and become more comfortable with each other.  You can also support team programs and activities.  An atmosphere of unity and mutual cooperation in your team will lead to more productivity and better performance.

Establishing a talented and committed team can be easier when you partner with an outsourcing provider who can find the right individuals for you.  Taking You Forward, a growing call centre company in the Philippines, is a business process outsourcing provider who can help you build your team and arrange for the equipment you need.  Call us today.