Got so much tasks, but so little time? What a pity for SME business and startup owners who focus on the non-essential, time-consuming tasks rather than the important matters of their business! This is no way to run a growing company, but a sure way to destroy it.

Just because you run an emerging business doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Doing so doesn’t even make you more special or more powerful. Gone are the days when newbies in business have to do everything, from bookkeeping to document creation, by themselves. That was before options, like outsourcing to a virtual assistant (VA), were made available to them.

Thanks to outsourcing, SME and startup owners can now practically delegate tasks that can be handled online with the help of VA services. Such a move helps them realize both the errors of micromanagement and the benefits of delegation.

What are the time-consuming tasks that you can outsource to your VA? Any task that eats up most of your time and resources, and anything you no longer want to do, for reasons like you need to focus now on important matters and you want to pursue new and exciting projects.

  1. Bookkeeping and accounting – Need help keeping tabs on bills, expenses, and other money matters? Then you will need to hand over some confidential information, such as password and account details, to a VA. This makes bookkeeping the hardest task to delegate to someone else. It’s important to hire a VA you can trust.
  2. Calendar management – Need help plotting your schedules and listing your to-dos? Need help remembering important events that are coming up? Let your VA help you import or sync all your business calendars into one time-management app, like Google Calendar. You will no longer have trouble following your timetable.
  3. Email management – For an SME business owner, it’s a bad habit to check emails while you’re working hard on an important task. This reeks of poor time management. To avoid getting interrupted by emails, have your VA read your emails or respond to some of them for you, sort out the ones that require your personal attention, and junk those that spell something like S-P-A-M. With your VA managing your emails on your behalf, you will never lose your flow on the task you’re working on.
  4. Telephone calls – Phone calls can interrupt you in the same way as (spam) emails, so how would you know if a phone call is worth your attention? Let your VA answer it. Your VA should be able to distinguish between important calls and distractions, fend off prank callers and scammers, and pacify irate callers. Live chat support is also something your VA can handle.
  5. Research – Got a new topic to research? Need time to do lead generation? Research work can be very time-consuming, so don’t do it by yourself – let your VA help. Just provide clear instructions, and they’ll gather the information you need.

With the help of your VA, you can have a minimal workload for tasks that you no longer want to perform by yourself. This helps you save time and resources for your other business needs. If you need help with your administrative and management tasks, then hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines now.