One common problem SMEs consistently faced over the years is controlling costs. However, a growing business trend can help SMEs lift that burden off; that is back office outsourcing.

Back office outsourcing includes the distribution of an SME’s back office functions, which are mainly administrative responsibilities, to a third-party provider (BPO company). Having said this, what are the different outsourced back office functions? Read on to find out.

Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are employees who work remotely from home or in the office. They can do numerous responsibilities ranging from administrative, creative, marketing, and digital task. Basically, their area of focus can vary depending on a client’s needs.

SMEs can choose to outsource any number of virtual assistants they wish to have. They begin to hire one to two assistants. If the business continues to grow, they can add more to the team.

Human Resources Services

One of the most important back office to outsource is HR services.  The HR department is responsible for tasks centered around a company’s workforce. Clients can opt to outsource different kinds of HR services such as recruitment, analytics, payroll, administration, and employee data management service.

Web Application Development and Design Services

If SMEs want to grow their business, they should make an effort to appear in the world wide web by availing a web design and development services. Web design focuses on the aesthetics of an SME’s site. After all, an attractive website can get the attention and curiosity of a visitor. Web development comes to play to keep the website’s speed, input field, and responsiveness intact regardless of how heavy its design is.

Data Management Services

Data management is primarily an administrative process that includes acquiring, mining, validating, storing, securing, and processing reliable and timeless data which can be solutions in answering future corporate problems/strategies. Their services are mostly composed of data entry, data processing, data mining, and data cleansing.

Accounting and Financial Services

When SMEs avail accounting and financial services, it gives them a chance to have experts trace and compare spending, monitor transactions, financial status update, provide an accurate balance sheet and other documents. Outsourcing financial and accounting will also suggest the right strategies and steps to avoid any chance of bankruptcy in the future.

Outsource Now

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