Outsourcing often focuses on the time and cost-saving benefits. While this is certainly true, many small businesses and large companies are using this to improve their customer service. The benefit of the strategy may not be obvious to their customers, but businesses see a lot of improvement in their service delivery. It may get a bad rap from critics, but companies or organizations are ready to invest in any emerging technologies – like outsourcing – if they believe it will boost customer service.

It is somewhat ironic that businesses outsource their customer-related services to a third party service provider, like a call center in Cebu. Among the services they outsource include customer support and inbound sales. Take note that businesses outsource the process, not the ‘relationship’, in the deeper sense of the word “customer service”. So how does outsourcing help in this aspect?

  1. Data security and confidentiality – Customer-related services involve handling and processing of data, and they must be protected against compromise or loss. You are unsure if your location is well-protected against threats from any forces, and you can’t even implement strict security measures. Outsourcing your customer data to a PCI-DSS compliant center will assure total protection.
  2. Transparency and credibility – You can trust your outsourced customer support. Bound by the service level agreement between you and them, they will provide you transparent and credible service, coupled with reporting and monitoring capabilities. You experience peace of mind as a trustworthy third party service provider takes good care of your customers.
  3. Greater business focus – Lots of customers to serve, but so little time and resources? It may not be good for the business if you direct your focus and capital on processes when you should be building relationships and brand awareness. Treat your customers as part of your vision or investment, not as part of the process. With a BPO company handling the process, you focus on your offering to build relationships.
  4. Better quality output – Some businesses fear that outsourcing may not provide them the level of service they expect, but this should be no concern for you if you have chosen a reputable provider, one that has a stringent quality assurance (QA) process and regular monitoring and employee performance evaluation. They take care not only your process, but also the people who handle them.
  5. Accessibility – One mark of exceptional customer service is accessibility, and it’s critical that you provide 24/7 customer support (chat, email, or social media), even on holidays. You owe this to your customers who stick with you despite being presented with great deals and more flexible options by the competition. Times like this, you need to hold on to your “treasures”.

The benefits you gain from outsourcing should be customer-centric, not money-centric, and the strategy should free your focus from the hassles of a process. Outsourcing should drive you towards meeting your customers’ needs and expectations.