There’s no doubt that hiring a virtual assistant will make your life much easier and help you to concentrate on more important tasks and duties.  Outsourcing labor rates for VAs are also more cost-efficient.  For these reasons, many entrepreneurs and small to medium sized enterprise owners have come to rely on their virtual assistants for administrative work and back office support.  You need to carefully select, however, which tasks you can delegate as there are some things that you should still take care of yourself.

Here’s a list of jobs that you can safely entrust to a dependable virtual assistant:

  1.  Data entry

Keeping a database of clients, customers and existing contacts is something virtual assistants can do with more detail.  Your VA can also assist you in preparing for meetings by organizing all the information using Microsoft Word, or making calculations using Excel and even creating PowerPoint presentations.  This kind of work may not really be exhausting but it can be time-consuming for you.       

  1.  Schedule management

Without an assistant, all business owners would struggle with making and remembering appointments and planning meetings.  There are various software programs that can be used to manage your schedule but a virtual assistant is still more efficient for constantly updating your schedule and reminding you of your commitments.    

  1.  Email management

Speaking of appointments, a VA can also respond to your emails for you and make appointments or reschedule them as necessary.  She can organize your emails into folders as well so that you’ll only read important messages and not waste time cleaning your inbox or deciphering emails that will turn out to be non-essential.  

  1.  Online market research

Research can take time especially if you need to find precise information or specific data.  Your virtual assistant can do the research work for you, plus verify the accuracy of any results they get.  They can also arrange all the data they researched and write it up into an article if necessary.  If you run a website, for example, and need blog posts, your virtual assistant may be able to write those for you.

  1.  Travel Plans

Making travel plans requires quite a bit of your time and organizing skills but with a virtual assistant on hand to do the research and comparison for you, you can breathe easier and look forward to a smooth trip.  Whether you’re going on a business trip or vacation, your VA can arrange your flight schedule, book your hotels and suggest your itinerary.   

  1.  Bookkeeping

If your VA has proven herself reliable, you can entrust her with simple bookkeeping tasks like sending invoices and tracking bills.  These are essential jobs that need to be done and your VA is in the perfect position to help you, particularly if she already has experience and skills in bookkeeping.  


Choosing appropriate tasks to delegate is just as important as selecting the right candidate.  Instead of having only one VA, you can also opt for a team of VAs.  For virtual assistants and back-end office support, contact an outsourcing expert such as Taking You Forward.  We are a business process outsourcing provider located in the Philippines and we have the knowledge and skills to help you.