How do you know if your business is doing well? One way is by finding out how your existing customers feel or what they say about doing business with you. It’s not 100% in the sales you make or the number of people who come into your shop. It’s in the experience they get when entering your store, buying from you, and approaching you for service or any form of assistance.

Given the increasing competition that your business currently faces, it won’t be enough to just sell to customers. You also need to service them after they buy your product or use your service. This is to ensure they get the most out of their business with you. Take note, your customers are becoming more discerning. As your customers are faced with more options and more choices, their needs and expectations evolve.

So how can you still keep your customers away from the competition? Provide excellent customer service, of course. In what way(s)? Improve your products and services? Set up more branches? Expand your catalogue? No need! Just do the following:

    1. No orders for customers – Signs with harsh words such as “should”, “must” and “only” could offend your customers, and make them feel unwelcomed. Why not put up signs that include words like “thank you”, “please”, and “welcome”? Or else, you can soften the impact of harsh-sounding signs by revising the message to include the words “sorry” and “we apologize”.
    2. Make your staff happy – Don’t frustrate your staff or else they take their anger and frustration out on your customers. If your staff are unhappy, how can they be happy serving your customers? Take the time to know your employees as people, appreciate them, value their input, reward them for their contribution to your company, and award them for their excellent performance. There’s nothing like sincere praise to make your staff feel good about working for you and serving your customers.
    3. Be open to feedback – Customers’ feedback help you understand what customers think or value about your business. Your approach to encouraging and receiving feedback will let customers know if and how you care about them, and they’ll let you know how satisfied they are with your customer service. That’s what  phone support  or even the humble suggestion box is for.
    4. Make your business truly accessible – You can do this by expanding your store and parking space to accommodate more customers, installing a ramp for wheelchair guests, and employing staff who can communicate with the deaf and the speech impaired. You can also create an online store for customers who can’t travel to your physical store, and put up email and social media accounts where customers can easily raise their concerns, queries, and complaints.
    5. Reward your customers – What else can you do to pamper your customers other than just offering the best prices and responding to them on time? Why not offer customer loyalty programs? Customers love loyalty programs because they don’t only get the most out of their money, but they also feel rewarded for giving you their business.
    6. Outsource – If customer service is not your thing, then outsource to a business process outsourcing company in the Philippines, which has a wide array of customer service solutions. Let the experts take care of your customers while you take care of your products and services.

Giving customers the service they deserve shouldn’t be a hard thing to do for large companies and SMEs. Attracting new customers could be difficult and more expensive, but retaining existing ones isn’t. Great customer service is the key.