Companies that haven’t outsourced yet would want to venture into outsourcing once they have erased all doubts or settled all concerns that they have about the widely popular (yet heavily criticized) business practice. They don’t want to feel guilty about doing business, but they want to feel good about making “certain sacrifices” in hopes of getting the results or return of investment (ROI) they expect when partnering with an outsourcing provider.

When you consider any action on outsourcing, you may ask yourself, “How can a call center company from an offshore location benefit my business?” The following answers should help you:

  1. Reduce costs – Non-essential and repetitive processes such as payroll, bookkeeping, data surveys, and market research are money guzzlers. For a new startup or small business like yours, why have or keep them when you’re running short of funds for new projects? The big businesses have outsourced them, so why not take a cue from them?
  2. Free up space and resources – Need space to accommodate more guests or concessionaires in your hotel or resort? Need more money to buy new production equipment? Need more people to work on a new project, but can’t recruit at the moment? If yes, then outsource.
  3. Save you time – The more time spent on non-essential tasks is less time being used to work on the business (and to grow your business), as in an example of a bakery manager spending more time taking orders from customers instead of baking the delicious goodies that his customers love.
  4. Enhance and expand customer service – As your business grows, it would be a challenge to put up with demanding customers who now want immediate response, timely results, and 24/7 phone support – but you may not be up for the challenge because you don’t have enough employees to interact with them around-the-clock. The least you can do is to outsource your customer service to a BPO provider that can cater to your customers not only over the phone, but also through email and social media, and via live chat.
  5. Run your processes efficiently – It’s bad for your partner’s business and reputation if they deliver the exact opposite of what they promise, so rest assured they will never mess up with your processes. Excellent and efficient client service is what a trusted call center should ensure every time they manage your customer service.
  6. Gather data and feedback – Do you lack the numbers to carry out field work for your market research? Do you want to know how customers think about your business? A call center can take surveys and manage your social media to gather data and feedback that you need to arrive at a conclusion or improve your business, respectively.
  7. Find new customers – It’s less expensive to attract new customers than keep existing ones, but still that’s not the reason why you should keep lead generation and sales acquisition in-house. Competition is increasing and people now have more options to choose from. So what’s your chance? Partner with a call center that keeps track with new telemarketing strategies and tools to convert leads into sales.

Think about the countless things that you can do for your business if you outsource some or most of your processes to a third party like a BPO provider in the Philippines. To sum in one single answer, a call center can help you grow your business.