In the world of entrepreneurship, Virtual Assistants are considered especially in demand. They not only provide low cost solutions to your growing business needs but most importantly provide you excellent administrative support. Whether you are in retail, real estate, marketing, advertising, information technology, etc., hiring a virtual assistant to meet your growing business needs is truly a practical and smart solution. They do not only give excellent administrative support from a remote location but they are also backed up with a specialized skill set to further exceed client expectations.


If you are looking into hiring one, you might wonder where on earth are you able to find the perfect virtual assistant. You may be well-oriented on the number of job portals out there where you can source talents or post job listings. However, you may be having second thoughts if posting your job  listing  on such portals  and sites would be the right choice. 


Now that you are ready and determined to hire a virtual assistant, the next step boils down to the question, “where to find the perfect virtual assistant?”


Below is a list of platforms to guide you in finding the virtual assistant that you need:


FREELANCE SITES – Freelance sites are platforms where clients and freelancers connect. A client posts a project, a freelancer bids for the project, then the client chooses the successful bidder. Some of them require freelancers to pay a fee in order to accept a job. 


  • Upwork is one of the popular sites for freelancers. With twelve million registered freelancers and five million registered clients, this makes them highly competitive.


  • Fiverr operates similar to Upwork. Their main difference is Fiverr caters to low paying gigs, usually $5 or less.


  • Another site is It is similar to the first two but slightly differs on its commission rates for each applicant hired.


  • MyOutDesk is a well-known site for Virtual Assistants leaned towards Real Estate. Their clients are real estate agents from the USA and Canada. They offer various services such as documentation and transaction coordination.


JOB WEBSITES – Job websites work like search engines that display hiring companies. Search results can be narrowed down according to location or specialization.


  • Indeed is one well-known site with updated job listings. Users register and upload their resumes for free. 


  • FlexJobs is a subscription site which means users are required to pay a fee to search for jobs. While this might seem like a downside, FlexJobs allow the users to cancel the subscription once they are hired.


LINKEDIN – LinkedIn is a social networking site catered to employment. It aims to connect applicants to hiring companies. To succeed, users are encouraged to update and customise their profiles according to the industry they want to work in.


BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING – Another platform that greatly helps entrepreneurs source their perfect virtual assistants is through outsourcing. Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the practice of a client company hiring third-party companies to do non-essential tasks. Doing this allows the client company to lower costs and increase productivity. 


Hiring a virtual assistant from outsourcing companies gives you the best assurance that you are choosing a highly skilled and efficient employee given by their proven record and credentials. Outsourcing companies have a pool of highly qualified talents, making it easier for you to choose the best that would meet your needs. You wouldn’t have to second guess yourself if a talent is worth the penny – for when you outsource a virtual assistant, hiring managers are there to guide you through. 


With all of this being stated, be driven to only choosing the best. Never settle for less but rather, aim for high quality at low cost!


If you wish to know more about virtual assistant services or if you are planning to outsource one, contact us at Forward BPO. Together, let’s move forward!