As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of responsibilities at stake in your hands. Managing your own business could be time consuming and most probably, you won’t be able to juggle tasks harmoniously. And if you are one of those entrepreneurs who goes by the idea of doing it all, then this could affect your business greatly. Being overworked and overloaded with work would cause more negative effects than positive effects on you. And it hinders you to be the best you can be.

Since no man is an island, it is always beneficial to have other people in your team – people whom you can delegate tasks for a much productive and efficient work. Doing so requires a leap of faith. You have to step out of your comfort zone and take the risk worth taking. Hiring other people to be a part of your team requires trust and it can be daunting. But until you explore this option, don’t give up just yet as this is not only a wise decision but it can be one of the best decisions you would ever make for the growth of your business. 



As your business flourish, it is best for you to reflect and evaluate your growing needs and further requirements that you need help with. You may find yourself having that urge to pass on to others the burden of doing non-core tasks so you could focus on the core tasks. Evaluating what you are working on and seeing how efficient you are in completing your tasks in a timely manner is just one of the many reasons why you need to outsource.  Here are some of the few reasons when to know it’s time to do so:


  1. You feel like there isn’t enough hours in a day
  2. You don’t get to spend quality time with yourself or your family
  3. You are missing on opportunities
  4. You are always tired and not having enough rest
  5. You feel hindered in achieving more and doing more


If the above statements seem true to you then you know that it is time to pass it on. The good news is that hiring someone to help your requirements is made more efficient now than ever.  Even from a remote location, professional service can come through to you. Thus, outsourcing a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT is the answer to your growing business needs.



With businesses aiming for low-cost services without a need for office space rental, employers opt to hire virtual assistants who could provide them various professional services from a remote location. 

There are many reasons and awesome benefits to why you should hire a virtual assistant for your growing business. Hiring a virtual assistant not only reduces cost but also increases efficiency by passing non-core tasks, enabling you to utilize time and core responsibilities better. 

Also, one of the great advantages is that virtual assistants not only are capable of doing administrative tasks but they also possess a special skill set to offer their clients’ needs. Everything would be so flexible, you experience less stress and you will surely get what you pay for. From VAs who specializes in marketing management, website management, social media management, etc., hiring the perfect virtual assistant for your growing business needs is just an outsource away.



Now that you have considered outsourcing a virtual assistant, you would probably wonder where and how to outsource the perfect virtual assistant for you? 

First, you have to determine what generally makes a good virtual assistant. Below are some general qualities that make up a good virtual assistant:

  • Excellent organizational skill
  • Excellent communication skills – both written and oral
  • Excellent time-management skill
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Possess initiative 
  • Driven to exceed expectations

Second, it is very important to know what specific requirements you expect your virtual assistant to meet – from doing admin tasks down to what special skill set they must possess in order to help your business. 

If you are running a Marketing and Advertising business, then it would be best for you to hire someone who specializes in marketing or website management. If you are in Sales, then it would be best to hire someone with a background in business administration, etc. Look for a virtual assistant who offers exactly what you are searching for. 

Thirdly, lay out expectations, job descriptions, and work arrangements including location, hours, and time zones – even salary range. 


At this point, you can now post your job listing online in freelance marketplaces and better yet, outsource a virtual assistant from reputable outsourcing companies. Outsourcing would better help you find the perfect virtual assistant as outsourcing companies would take matters into their own hands. You wouldn’t have to worry about where to find them and if you could find the perfect one because you surely will. 

If you wish to know more about virtual assistant services or if you are planning to outsource one, contact us at Forward BPO. Together, let’s move forward!