In a study conducted by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 56% of the small businesses that were started in 2014 made it to 2018. A major factor that contributes to a startup’s early demise is the lack of experience in running their business’ various processes. Another reason would be issues secondary to resource constraints. With these many hurdles, what can startups do these days to increase their chances of surviving the next five years? A viable answer to this question is outsourcing your projects and tasks.

Why is outsourcing good for startups?

  • Lower Cost – To outsource means you as the business owner is only paying for your requirements. The bpo company philippines takes care of the recruitment, overhead, training, utilities, and tool costs.

  • Expertise – The partnership gives clients access to their BPO partner’s talent pool, making it easier to look for staff that is a good fit for their requirements. For half the cost, owners now have access to people who can help them with human resource, accounting, data entry, and other admin or back office needs.

  • Scalability – The number of staff one needs can be scaled up or down depending on the season or business situation. When you decide to outsource, pick a BPO company that offers scalability to its clients. This way you’ll only be spending on what’s necessary.

  • Better Focus – Having people take care of mundane or repetitive tasks allows you to focus your time and energy on income-generating activities. It’s also an opportunity for decision-makers to evaluate the business or the different areas that make it up, check out process flows, and make the needed adjustments.

What should startups outsource?
When thinking of the tasks or projects that are better off outsourced, think of things that you either hate doing, cannot do on your own, and activities that you should not be doing. A few examples would include:

  • Human Resources – compensation and benefits, recruitment, file management and other clerical work

  • Customer Support – voice, phone, email, chat, and social media support

  • Finance & Accounting – bookkeeping services

  • Data Entry/Management – encoding, mining. cleansing, and deduplication

  • Digital Marketing – search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, web design. content management

  • Software Development

What to assess before you outsource?

  • Company’s business processes

  • Employees or team’s capabilities

  • Core activities and business goals

Ready to grow your business? We can help.
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