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Forward BPO is here to meet the needs of your business.  We work with you to set standards, improve processes and reach goals.  With our knowledge, skills and resources, you can look forward to greater sales, more satisfied customers, a larger market, and generally improved performance. 

We are located in the Philippines, one of the premier destinations for outsourced talent in the globe.  There are several advantages when you choose a BPO company like ours based in the Philippines.  First, we have English proficient staff who can converse well whether it’s over the phone or through emails and live chat.


Marivic Bacaltos
Marivic BacaltosDirector of Operations
Marie is an experienced business professional with a strong customer service orientation and a diverse background in Client Services and Operations expertise. With fourteen years of strategic success in the BPO industry, she runs the company-wide operational functions and leads large scale projects – improving ROI and achieving consistent year-over-year growth.
Sherwyn Ayao
Sherwyn AyaoDirector of IT and Support
Sherwyn has been an advancing professional in the IT industry for over eleven years, having mastered numerous programming languages, web technologies, and tools innovative by nature, he has been developing several database and CRM programs for our clients. Proving that with the right knowledge and tools, gaps can be mitigated through technology.
Emily Brocoy
Emily BrocoyDirector of Revenue
Emily has more than 15 years of experience not just in the field of Sales but in Operations, Client Services, and Training. She understands the requirements from a client’s perspective — a very notable advantage when generating new business for the company. She uses her versatility and strong sales background to acquire new businesses that Forward BPO is the best BPO partner to go forward with.

Our site is located in the area of Cebu and though the Philippines is known mostly for its capital, Manila, Cebu is also growing in popularity as a preferred destination for tourism and businesses.  Regarding infrastructure and culture, Cebu shares many similarities with Manila.  However, the cost of living and consequently, overhead costs, is lower in Cebu, while the talent pool is more or less equal.  There is also more room for growth in the less densely populated areas of Cebu compared to other larger cities.  Forward BPO is therefore strategically located.

Are you ready to move FORWARD with us?