According to the definition from techopedia, “Data Entry is the process of transcribing information into an electronic medium such as a computer or other electronic device.” In other words, data entry is a task that primarily involves entering data information through the use of word processing softwares, some of which may involve transcribing information from recordings.


Data entry jobs may sound technical but a number of first-time job seekers would venture into this profession as previous job experience is not necessary for most employers. But since employers measure the performance for most data entry professionals through the number of data entered into the system, speed in typing is a vital skill that is required for these job seekers.

Not only is the amount of data entered into the system the key measure for performance, but also the accuracy for every data entered. Since data entry has a lot to do with information management, data entry professionals are expected to efficiently manage company or client information that are often confidential. The information entered by these professionals will then be utilized by the company or other necessary parties for useful reference. Thus, it is the primary goal for any data entry professionals to enter data into the system with a high-level of accuracy and efficiency.


A typical data entry professional’s role and responsibility would compose of the following:

  • Compile information and verify accuracy in preparation of entering data into the relevant database software
  • Enter data into database software within a certain time limit, ensuring the accuracy of the data entered
  • Review any deficiencies of data, resolve discrepancies in information and further obtain correct information
  • Update customer and account information in the database
  • Test new database systems and ensure data backups
  • Respond to requests for information and access relevant files
  • Comply with data integrity and security policies

Data entry workers can have multiple duties and responsibilities in the office. They can either work as bookkeepers, clerks, transcribers and administrative or support staff. Other people often dismiss this as an entry-level job, but some workers were able to move up the corporate ladder when they have gained enough experience and proved their efficiency and expertise. Some businesses have put a certain importance in this kind of job thus making this a lucrative career to consider and already attracting a variety of job seekers. While the term data entry might seem a challenging job, it is definitely not.