One factor that can help SMEs flourish is by having a reliable business partner; however, with the rise of new startups, the competition gets tougher. With this, you need to have a set of employees to bring you to the right people first—appointment setters.

Appointment setters act as the bridge where together with your sales team, pitch what your business has to offer, making them a vital part of your business operation. It’s undeniable that you’ll get a heap of benefits if you are going to outsource and appointment scheduling team. If you are planning to get one in the near future get to know these useful tips that you can take advantage of.

Be Genuinely Friendly

Start and end the conversation with a friendly character. Be nice, courteous, and respectful even if the possibility of rejection can be high for some.

Preparing for Rejections

Objections can be negated if you play your cards right. Make a list of the objections you might be anticipating and have a response for each. Remember, don’t make it sound too bossy.

“Back Out” with Grace

If the customer/client is not ready to hear what you have to offer, leave it on a positive note. You can also ask when would be a good time to call again.

Spark the Interest 

Don’t make the sales pitch right away. Let your sales team handle that. Make a statement that is good enough to build a little bit of curiosity and interest.

Old can Still be New

Don’t hesitate to view the list of clients who have expressed interest in the company before. Decisions can change anytime.


Ask your employees, business partners, customers, or even family if they know people who might be interested in what you have to offer. Leave your contact details to make sure. 

Ask “Do You Have Time to Talk?”

Don’t bombard your pitch right away when the phone is picked up. Again, be courteous and ask if the receiver has time to listen to what you have to say.

Send a Reminder

Even if the appointment has been arranged, it’s important to send reminders, especially a courtesy call a day or two before the actual appointment.

Handout Necessary Information

Once you have properly scheduled the appointment it is of best practice to provide links or articles about your company to the prospected client. This can give them a better understanding of what you’re offering and what might be discussed on the day of the appointment.

Persuasion Training Sessions 

Scheduling appointments need a little bit of persuasion and sales talk. Make sure your company has experienced trainers who wouldn’t hesitate to share their strategies and techniques

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