The Philippines is a beautiful country known for a lot of things. Located at the heart of South-East Asia, it’s a country composed of islands with gleaming beauty and solace of its rich biodiversity. The warmth of the country and the Filipino hospitality has invited many tourists and provided a home for many businesses, building opportunities for the Filipino people and its economy.

Over the years, the Philippines’ BPO industry has grown exponentially as foreign BPO companies choose to offshore in the Philippines—giving businesses around the world, whether big or small, a chance to outsource. But why would business outsource to Australian BPO’s in the Philippines?

English Proficiency 

The adaptation of the English language began around the time America colonised the Philippines in the 19th century and making it a primary subject in schools. Decades later, the Philippines became one of the premier countries to master the English language ranking 2nd out of 21 Asian countries with an English Proficiency score of 61.84 in 2018.

As you outsource your services in the Philippines you are guaranteed with highly-skilled employees who have mastered the English language.


Another reason why SMEs choose to outsource services from Australian BPO companies in the Philippines is that Filipinos are flexible with time. Filipinos can work on day shifts, night shifts, and even on regular or non-regular holidays. With this, businesses have the chance to extend business operations and maximise time.


The low cost of labor does not equate the global competitive skills of the Filipinos making it a cost-efficient investment for businesses. The Philippines can meet the soaring demand for outsourcing through its people’s skill-set and capabilities to perform optimally and efficiently in the field.

Highly Competitive Workforce

BPO companies in the Philippines offer varied outsourcing services such as customer and sales support, IT, admin, data entry, and digital marketing services. On top of this, Filipino BPO employees can perform other tasks well, notably the in-demand virtual assistants. They surely have a knack for becoming versatile individuals paired with their innate capabilities.

Industry Stability and Government Support

Due to the rise and the effect of the BPO industry on the lives of millions of Filipinos, the Philippine Government has worked hard to establish the country’s brand in the industry. They’ve developed programs and partnered with different private sectors as well as the academe in initiating projects that look to equip students with the skill-set related to BPO operations before they graduate. With this, outsourcing companies are assured that the country has a healthy business environment and highly-skilled employees.  

Choose the Right BPO 

It’s undeniable that outsourcing to the Philippines can help you realise your business goals with suitable features that are ideal for businesses worldwide. At Forward BPO, you are offered with unlimited access to a pool of BPO outsourcing services along with highly-competitive and skilled Filipino employees at cost-effective rates.

Get your company moving in the direction you want it to; FORWARD.

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