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5 Types of Back Office Outsourcing

One common problem SMEs consistently faced over the years is controlling costs. However, a growing business trend can help SMEs lift that burden off; that is back office outsourcing. Back office outsourcing includes the distribution of an SME's back office functions, which are mainly administrative responsibilities, to a third-party provider (BPO company). Having said this,

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Steps When Partnering With an Outsourcing Service Provider

Small businesses nowadays are opting to outsource to offshore companies. They choose to do so because it gives them the chance to save big on operational costs providing more time to do central business responsibilities while offshore agents handle the rest. Additionally, outsourcing saves enterprises from falling. In fact, 80% of Australian companies were spared

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6 Qualities of Call Center Agents for Small Business

Availing call center services can provide numerous benefits especially for small businesses.  Just a few of its many benefits would include saves time, cuts cost, improves productivity and increases business revenue. However, if you want to experience these benefits, make sure you get a great team. Hire agents that possess outstanding features in order to

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8 Facts from the History of Business Process Outsourcing

The BPO industry is more than just giving companies the luxury to cut down costs. It also brings people and business who are geographically apart together through a powerful technology that makes human and data communications easier. However, did you know that the practice of outsourcing already existed as early as the 19th century with

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Cost Comparison: Call Center Outsourcing Vs. Insourcing

Call center services have proven to be one of the most sought out outsourcing services by companies around the world. It delivers a number of benefits such as 24/7 customer availability, increased customer satisfaction, an experienced team among many. But did you know that call center agents can also be insourced? You maybe wondering

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5 Advantages of Call Center Services for Small Business

Building up your business can be hard especially if it's still in the early stages of its development. Competition is growing, applicants expect a higher salary, and it's a struggle to reach out to other people about your product—especially if you know little about social media, digital marketing, lead generation, and whatnot. However, if you

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Four Benefits of Outsourcing Companies

Over the past decade, outsourcing has become a recommended practice in the business world. In fact, Transcosmos revealed in a recent study that 65% of companies that have outsourced in 2017 are likely to continue to do so. It further went on to discuss that 57% chose to outsource so they can focus on their

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Tips on Choosing a Phone Answering Service for Small Businesses

Owning a small business can be tough, especially if you are doing so much to keep the progress of your business from going down. However, doing too much work can take up so much of your time—you wouldn't even notice your phone ringing! This is where availing a phone answering service can help you. Offshore

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Benefits of Hiring Virtual Call Center Assistants for Small Businesses

As your small business continues to develop to the enterprise you're expecting, you'll be facing more workload. You can turn that situation around by hiring a virtual assistant  who can take over certain job functions giving you the chance to focus more on core business responsibilities. That is just one of the many benefits that

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Essential Techniques in Data Mining

Companies can achieve a great deal of success by adopting different business strategies and solutions. However, no matter what strategy you use, if you don’t have the necessary information at hand, you won’t be able to make the right business decisions. This is where data mining shines. When done right, data mining will provide you

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