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Where to Find the Top BPO Companies in the Philippines

There is no question that the Philippines is one of the world’s top outsourcing destinations. As discussed in our previous blog The Benefits of Outsourcing Business in the Philippines, the country is considered the best place to look for a BPO company to partner with because of its all-out government support, availability of highly-skilled

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A Brief History of the Call Center Industry in the Philippines

Gone are the days when the thought of talking to an offshore customer support seemed alien and even unacceptable. At present, the practice of outsourcing processes and tasks to a BPO provider is now recognized by many companies as a winning strategy that drives business growth. And if there’s one country that could attest

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Why You Need to Hire a Virtual Assistant Today

Stop whatever you are doing right now and ask yourself this: Are you busy? As a business owner, of course you are. Follow up question: Are you currently working on tasks that are in line with your core business functions? If you say you’re busy but not with the core stuff, you and your

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3 Major Benefits of Outsourcing in the Philippines

Fact: It was in 1992 that the first call center was established in the Philippines. Fast forward 25 years later, this one establishment has brought forth an age where the outsourcing industry has become a major contributor to the country’s economy second only to remittances. With an expected growth rate of of 15% to

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Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018 Digital marketing has seen some rich and rapid changes over the past 10 years. People are becoming increasingly dependent on online businesses to cater to their everyday needs. After all, the technological evolution in today’s world is faster than ever — and for businesses, it’s a real challenge

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Preparing B2B Lead Generation Strategies in a Post-GDPR World

If you are a B2B professional with clients operating in Europe or in the UK, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will certainly affect how you collect, store, and use customer data. As GDPR is still a mystery for many (41% of marketers admit that they don’t fully understand the law), you could be

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Business in the Philippines

For more than two decades, the business process outsourcing industry in the Philippines has continued to grow. Dubbed as world’s “call center capital,” the Philippines ranks first in voice BPO and second in non-voice services worldwide. But what makes it the world’s number one? Here are the reasons. All-out government support In 1995, the

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Finding Customer Issues Outside Your Helpline

Good customer service goes beyond helping customers who reach out to you. Most of the time, customers who have problems with your product or service aren’t telling you about it. In fact, according to a survey by Lee Resources International, for every customer who sends you a complaint, there are 26 customers who don’t

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4 Tips for Better Tech Support

What’s the number one way for brands to improve product ownership experience? According to a study from the CMO Council, the answer is technical support. From installation errors to log-in issues, technical difficulties are basically inevitable. These issues prevent users from using your product, and can negatively affect user experience. This is where tailored

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BPO News Snippets – April 23, 2018

Philippine Online BPO Job Openings Drop in 2017 – Jobstreet APR 18 - Fresh graduates who looked for jobs online in the business process outsourcing sector found lesser job vacancies available in 2017 than in 2016, according to recruitment portal The share of call center and IT in total jobs available for new graduates

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