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Why Your Business Shouldn’t Ignore Bookkeeping

One of the best lessons a parent could teach their children is learning how to manage their savings and expenses. Through this, they will grow up with the proper mindset that understands how to analyse, interpret, and limit their spending so that they’ll have the needed funds for emergencies and enhanced capability for building towards

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The Link Between Web Design and Web Development

For many businesses, having a physical presence (e.g. a store in a mall) isn’t enough or practical anymore. Thus, more and more entrepreneurs are going online, building websites for their brands. When you establish a website, you will ultimately encounter two important factors: web design and web development. These two factors are seen as crucial

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Using Psychology in Delivering Quality Customer Service

One thing that can separate a company from its competitors is providing consistent quality customer service. However, customer service representatives (CSR) know for a fact that that can be a challenge because people are different and complicated. Some customers call in happy, confused, sad, or angry because of an issue with a product or service.

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Digital Marketing: Facts and Statistics You Shouldn’t Ignore

In this day and age of online connectivity and instant access, the use of traditional marketing is slowly dropping as more companies go digital for their marketing needs. This type of marketing relies on digital technologies and the internet to promote a brand’s products and services. The fact that 58% of consumers now prefer online

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The Qualities of a Good Virtual Assistant

More and more companies who deal with limited internal manpower and administrative support resources are turning to virtual assistants for help. And, for good reason—employing virtual assistants can be seen as a cost-efficient and flexible business solution for many companies. Back in 2006, the virtual assistance industry started to gain more popularity due to

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Common Misconceptions about Being a Call Center Agent

Saying that working in the call center industry in the Philippines is quite popular is a big understatement. It has become a culture—a way of life and a socio-economic phenomenon that is continuing to shape the post-2000 era and the country’s overall economic landscape. However, as always, with immense popularity comes misconceptions, and being a

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The Difference between Inbound and Outbound Call Center Services

The Philippines is home to many BPO companies providing various outsourcing services for clients locally and all around the world. The country’s high English literacy rate, compatibility with western culture, and budget friendly costs are some of the many reasons why the country remains to be a strong hub for the BPO industry. These reasons

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4 Essential Live Chat Benefits

One of the biggest factors that contribute to a company’s growth and success is effective customer service and support. Customers keep the company alive. This is the reason why many companies opt to provide quality customer support services that cater to customer queries, feedback, and concerns. One such service is live chat. Live chat

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How to Choose the Right BPO Company for You

Years ago, companies started to outsource their business operations and functions to offshore locations. One of the benefits of business outsourcing is that it can cut down costs, increase efficiency, target new markets, and have certain projects started right away so that the company can focus more on their core business activities. However, if you

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Common Mistakes in Social Media Marketing (and How to Avoid Them)

Social media has not only changed how people communicate, it has also made a huge impact on how businesses advertise and market. In a recent survey, 90% of marketers have claimed that social media marketing has helped increase their business exposure and website traffic. This, among many other benefits, show how social media marketing can

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