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BPO News Snippets – February 23, 2018

Philippines Badly Need 3rd Telco - ICT Davao FEB 23 - The Philippines, despite being the world's top outsourcing services destination, badly needs a third telecommunications company to break the duopoly of two existing telco giants, according to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Davao president Samuel Matunog.  However, he cited several obstructions to

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5 Ways Outsourcing Improves Your Customer Service

Outsourcing often focuses on the time and cost-saving benefits. While this is certainly true, many small businesses and large companies are using this to improve their customer service. The benefit of the strategy may not be obvious to their customers, but businesses see a lot of improvement in their service delivery. It may get

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5 Keys To Making Your Outsourcing Project A Success

A lot of businesses, both startups and established corporations, have ventured into outsourcing for various reasons. It may be because of the lower labor rates, the wider service offering or the flexible labor force, but most of them have enjoyed success. This success, however, didn’t just happen by chance. Planning, preparation and proper execution

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BPO News Snippets – February 16, 2018

Senator Grace Poe to Probe English Proficiency Decline FEB 16 - Senator Grace Poe has filed a resolution calling for an inquiry into the reported decline in English proficiency among Filipino students. The senator filed Senate Resolution 622, which calls for an assessment of the present curricula in elementary and high schools.  

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BPO News Snippets – February 12, 2018

Executive Order to End Contractualization Pushed FEB 6 - Labor groups in the Philippines are pushing for a new executive order (EO) that will end contractualization under Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s administration. The executive order is planned to ban contractualization if it interferes with a worker’s right to security of tenure, organize into unions,

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Top 5 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Functions

Many multinational organizations and small to medium enterprises are relying more and more on outsourcing some of their business processes. Chances are you are also considering if this will be a good move in order to maximize your limited resources. In what ways exactly can outsourcing benefit you and your company? Here are outsourcing

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Top 9 Business Functions You Can Successfully Outsource

We’ve already established that outsourcing reduces labor costs and provides a number of other significant benefits as well such as allowing you to concentrate on your business’ core activities. Another advantage is that it does not have to be limited to just one task. You can outsource two or more tasks depending on your

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BPO News Snippets – February 5, 2018

New BPO Hub in Ilocos Norte Completed FEB 01 - Robinsons Land Corp (RLC) has completed the expansion of Robinsons Place Ilocos in San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. The expansion building will serve as a new hub for the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in the province. It features large office floor plates of about 3,100

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A General Overview Of Outsourcing

As small companies become more established in their industry and their business starts to grow, their workload also increases. However, they may be hesitant or they don’t have the resources yet to hire more permanent staff. For some larger companies, the need to establish a dedicated team for certain services conflicts with the need

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Establishing A Customer-Centric Culture

All roads for businesses start and end with the customer’s experience may it be channelled through live chat or phone. A company’s success depends on their customers’ satisfaction and this isn’t as simple as just providing after-sales support. At the core of this is the belief that everything the company does is geared towards

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