Jobstreet Boss Says AI to Create Higher Paid Jobs

MAR 16 – country manager Philip Gioca said the rise of artificial intelligence will open opportunities for higher paid jobs. While he admits that AI threatens to displace some business process outsourcing (BPO) workers, Filipinos can upgrade their skills for high-paying opportunities.

Gioca said that when you introduce artificial intelligence to replace human capabilities, it has a tendency to create lower roles and higher roles. There will always be opportunities as long as people develop new skills. Jobstreet also noted that some companies are already laying off significant numbers of workers due to the onset of AI.

Philippine Statistics Office Eyes Outsourcing Some Services

PSA Philippines

MAR 15 – The Philippine Statistics Agency (PSA) is considering outsourcing some of its functions to address the issue of overworked personnel. National Statistician Lisa Grace Bersales said the PSA is already experimenting on outsourcing some of its surveys to companies that meet the agency’s requirements.


The move to outsource comes on the heels of the Commission on Audit memo discouraging all job orders starting 2019. Bersales added that outsourcing is cheaper and will allow the agency to focus on its major surveys, such as the Family Income and Expenditure Survey and the Labor Force Survey. The PSA is also hiring as many as 600 people by the end of this year.


Technology Worries Most Americans More Than Outsourcing

MAR 15 – A study conducted by international pollster, Gallup, showed that most Americans are worried about new technologies taking over their jobs. More than half of the respondents also said artificial intelligence, robotics, and automation are threats more worrying than immigration and outsourcing.

The survey polled 3,297 people, and was conducted by Gallup in collaboration with Northeastern University in the US. The survey’s results match those of a similar study by Pew Research last year, which found that 72 percent of US adults are worried about a future where robots and computers replace humans in the workforce.


More Foreign businesses eye investing in Iloilo City

Jose Espinosa III

MAR 14 – Investors from Indonesia, Germany and China are set to visit Iloilo City to explore economic opportunities, according to the city’s mayor, Jose Espinosa III, and almost every week there are BPO companies that are enquiring about investing and locating in the city.

The IT-BPM industry is now the biggest contributor to the city’s economy, the mayor said. The scheduled visit of the overseas investors follows on from the successful hosting of an Iloilo trade mission for the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines last week.


Senate to Assess Effects of TRAIN on BPO Sector

Senator Paolo Benigno "Bam" Aquino IV

MAR 14 – The Senate Committee on Science and Technology is set to investigate the impact of the Philippines’ new tax reform law on the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, said Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV. Aquino has set a second hearing on the issue after receiving reports that the BPO sector may start reducing their workforce or set aside expansion plans in the country due to the new tax law.

The senator pointed out that when the panel first conducted the hearing last year, artificial intelligence emerged as the main threat to the BPO industry. However, there may be a need to also include the government tax reform program as it is appears to be also taking a toll on the sector.