The Philippines is deemed as one of the premier BPO destinations around the world. The country allows foreign investors to save big on operational and labor costs. However, the country’s people are also a factor in capturing the interests of BPO owners.

If you’re planning to build a BPO firm in the Philippines, be aware of the following skills you should look for in your future agents.

Enhanced Communication Skills.

One reason why the Philippines is such a great destination to start and build a BPO company is locals’ mastery in the English language. Filipinos are known for their English speaking skills. 

At present, the country ranks 2nd in all Asian countries in English proficiency and the 20th around the globe.


Another skill you should be looking for that a Filipino agent can easily learn is the skills of empathy. Some are born with it and some are not. If agents possess this trait, they’ll do better in ending conversations on a lighter note despite a rough start.

Acknowledging and understanding a customer concern can smoothen the relationship even if the problem wasn’t solved. Being validated for one’s feelings matters.


When one has empathy, patience usually accompanies it. Empathy allows us to have a longer threshold in listening to patients— whether they are happy or angry. 

Customers can say the meanest things when they find something wrong with your product and services. With this, agents must keep their cool under pressure and stick to validating their anger.

Product Knowledge

Choose a country where people are passionate and love learning. Filipinos are known for their eagerness to learn and environmental adaptability. When you hire the right trainers, they’ll be able to effectively impart product knowledge and make sure everyone understands its ins and outs.


Customers call in different moods. They can be happy, sad, confused, and even frustrated. Agents need to know when to adapt and be flexible in how they communicate with a customer in the right tone and manner.

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