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As brands, we all want to carve out meaningful interactions with our customers. Producing that kind of interaction leads to numerous benefits such as brand awareness, increase in sales, and a boost in satisfaction rates.

 And those interactions can happen anywhere.

 When you outsource at Forward BPO, we provide diverse cost-effective channels allowing more convenience to your customers. With this, your customers have the choice to pick any channel to relay their enquiries and concerns. The different channels Forward BPO offers are the following:

Phone Support

Regarded as one of the most chosen support channels, phone support provides customers with the convenience to relay concerns through the phone. It also allows them to have real-time solutions advised by knowledgeable customer service support professionals.


 Email Support

For your customers who prefer writing in full detail their concerns and enquiries, our email support teams are readily available. They are the most efficient in the business in answering questions in the clearest yet quickest way possible.


 Live Chat

When a customer scans through your website, they’re bound to have questions about your product and services. Through live chat, they will instantly receive answers to those questions. Customers can expect fast replies and even timely emails detailing accurate information and sometimes visual guides depending on what they are inquiring.   


 Social Media

Over the past few years, we have seen the growth and expansion of social media’s abilities, specifically in giving brands a bigger avenue to spread brand awareness. 

Once your business is present in different social media platforms, it will be easier for prospected customers to communicate with you through chat and comments. With this, you are guaranteed that your outsourced digital marketing team will be there assisting and answering queries in a timely and accurate manner.

Regardless of what channel your customers choose to avail, they are assured to come across exceptional Customer Service professionals in our customer service support. Create that kind of convenience by dropping us a message.

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