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Customer Service & Support Delivered to Different Channels

customer service and supportForward Bpo provides efficient customer support services through various channels.  This gives your customers more options and more convenience, strengthening your business relationship through quality service.

Depending on your business needs, we have CSPs capable of giving fast and efficient assistance through any of the following support channels:

Phone Support

Probably the most common support channel used by businesses as it allows their customers to voice out their concerns, interact with a professional, and get real time answers or even solutions. Investing on good phone support service is essential as it converts existing clients to brand advocates and attracts new ones.  LEARN MORE

Email Support

Another customer service channel that many customers rely on is email support.  With our email support for your customers, they have the freedom to send messages whenever they can without waiting on the line for a phone representative.  They can also read the replies and resolutions to their issues at their convenience and even review the instructions they received.  LEARN MORE

Live Chat

Live chat combines the benefits of both phone support since it’s real time and email support with more details, information and visual guides.  Visitors on your website and viewers will appreciate that they can still interact with a representative when needed through your website or mobile app during times when they are unable to make phone calls. LEARN MORE

Social Media

Thanks to the continued success and popularity of social media, it is now also possible to offer customer service through social media networks. We can respond to posts from your customers about their inquiries and complaints through these channels,  a very effective way of maintaining a good relationship with your customers. 

Be available for your customers anytime and in any given channel. Contact Us Now!