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Phone Customer Support & Service are still arguably one of the most needed customer support channels BPO companies provide.


With 58% of customers still favour calling as the preferred method of communication in addressing questions or issues. Additionally, customers say that phone customer service is the most effective channel that solves problems in real-time.  However, that will only happen if it’s being handled by a well-trained phone support team—which Forward priorities.

Our trainers personally customised training programs that align with the services and products of our clients. With this, your phone support team will not only bring forth the needed knowledge and skills in handling your customers but also the mindset to take your business higher.

With our phone support services you have the opportunity to bring the following benefits to your business: 

  • Limit phone service hours on specific days of the week and time periods.
  • Choose to make the phone support service available for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Have toll-free phone customer care accessible to every customer specifically those who require urgent assistance.
  • In-terms of inbound calls, you can choose to let your team conduct callbacks for your customers particularly in the peak season.

 By having a group of people who value giving accurate information to your customers in a timely manner, you can expect great reviews, customer loyalty and expansion, and an increase in customer satisfaction rates.

 If you’re looking to cut costs, improve quality, raise sales, and have a productive phone support team, outsource with Forward BPO now. We are an Australian Call Centre company that finds ways to strengthen the relationship you have with your customers through world-class customer service and multi-channel customer support such as phone, email support, live chat, and social media. 

Let’s discuss how our awesome team can help your business move in the direction you want it to move: Forward.

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