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Enjoy the benefits of getting the right kind of talent for your business while driving: 

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All made possible by our reliable RPO solutions.

Integrate RPO Into Your Talent Acquisition Strategy

Finding the right people to handle your processes and your customers’ needs is key to your business’ growth and success. For this reason, we cannot stress enough how important it is for any organization, regardless of the industry they’re in, to have a strong and streamlined recruitment process.

Contrary to the common assumption, RPO is not a 100%  like recruitment agencies. Where agencies just provide you with the people you supposedly need nothing more and nothing less, an RPO would work with you to further enhance your talent acquisition strategies. Furthermore, this type of partnership also provides the following benefits:

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    Due to its flexibility, RPO services provide solutions that are tailored to fit every client’s requirements. They have the choice to choose between getting one or two talent acquisition specialists or getting a recruitment team. It is also possible to outsource end to end process or just bits and pieces of tasks. Although the process might vary, here’s how Recruitment Process Outsourcing would look like in a nutshell:

    Establish Hiring GuidelinesSourcingEvaluationFeedback

    To ensure that candidates are a good fit skills and talent-wise, your specialist or outsourced Recruitment Team will work with you in analyzing and creating the job specifications (description, qualification, skills needed etc.) for every position.

    Different sourcing strategies will be used to ensure that we reach candidates through  various touchpoints. As these will be done under the employer’s brand, RPOs make it their job to keep customer experience as pleasant as possible. This is not only good for brand awareness, but helps in employee engagement as well.

    Includes resume screening, assessment tests, phone interviews, background and reference checks. The final interview will be conducted by the client’s hiring manager or by the client themselves.

    Daily, weekly, and or monthly reporting is conducted to measure the client’s hiring satisfaction.  Data is used to further improve the hiring process.

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    At Forward BPO, we help our partners grow by providing them with updated resources and knowledge that we’ve cultivated for more than a decade of being in the BPO industry. Our other services include customer care, data entry, virtual assistance, bookkeeping, b2b lead generation, and back office support. Click HERE to start a conversation with us.