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Telemarketing remains to be one of the best direct marketing methods that exist today. This is the practice where sales agents sell a company’s goods and services to prospective buyers & clients through varied channels such as over the phone, email, or face to face. With this sales approach, businesses can align their campaigns to specific individuals that are targeted for their products and/or services—making this a viable method for any enterprise. 

For businesses to move forward and take advantage of the benefits brought by effective telemarketing services, you need to partner with a reliable service provider whose expertise and experience can help you close more deals. 

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Forward BPO’s telemarketing services have been here since the company’s conception. Since then, we have always aimed for three things; high quality, convenient communication efforts, and cost-efficient solutions. We have produced reliable sales agents that can flex between business to consumer and business to efforts.

For more than a decade, Forward BPO has consistently hired the best possible professionals that can deliver quality telemarketing services for our clients. You can expect these characteristics to be present:

  1. Have Efficient Listening Skills
  2. Honest
  3. Knowledgable in Both the Product and Services Offered
  4. Possesses Great Sales Skills
  5. Patient
  6. Can keep Cool Especially with Angry Customers
  7. Pleasing Personality
  8. Not too Sales Aggressive

We are thorough in our hiring and training processes for us to form great telemarketing teams—closing more sales than expected.

With that, we also have the latest hardware and software programs that will better support the overall productivity of your future outsource telemarketing agents.

We have the right environment and convenient office spaces that are suitable for meaningful sales calls to happen and close. However, our excellent doesn’t only limit to telemarketing. We have different world-class outsourcing services such as digital marketing, live chat, email support, back-office support, web design & web development, market research, b2b lead generation, and so much more.

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