High performing Call Centre companies exist and continue to surge due to the hard work of incredible people, specifically the agents. They are the heart and soul of the enterprise regularly connecting buyers to the company through meaningful customer experience.

However, the treatment of the management team critically plays a role in keeping, motivating, and inspiring their agents to do more—benefiting their growth and of the company tenfold.

Retaining agents boost reviews, company credibility, productivity, team chemistry, and yes, even long-lasting friendships. In this blog, you’ll learn the factors that can play a part in an agent’s decision to stay at a Call Centre company.

Right People from the Start

To retain agents, owners have to make sure they also hire the best people from the beginning. The recruitment team plays a role in using their skills and knowledge in finding people equipped with the right attitude, skills, and qualifications.

Getting agents just for the sake of hiring may lead to quick turnovers contributing to the already massive $3.8 billion loss in productivity.

$3.8 billion loss in productivity

Establish Open Communication

For the management team, it is vital to encourage an office environment of open communication. Management must show that they are always available and open-minded to listen to what the agents have to say. 

Acknowledging their ideas, issues, and sentiments influence their perception of the company, making them build loyalty and stay.

Tidy Workspace

The cleanliness, lighting, colour, and space of an office can contribute to the level of motivation and efficiency of an agent’s work. In fact, a Harvard study concluded that an unbalanced and cluttered workspace downplays the level of productivity of a person. 

With this, management must make an effort in researching different practices that can make the office workable and livable.

Cluttered Office reduces workplace productivity

Conduct Surveys

For new agents, talking to superiors might build up anxiety resulting in avoidance of addressing concerns as well as ideas. Thus, it’s necessary to administer surveys to know what’s going great and what is not. 

Once all the surveys are collected and analysed, the management can figure out better ways to improve or change areas that need it the most.

Praise and Recognition

Companies that recognise and praise small and big work efforts play a big factor in making employees stay. This is backed up by a survey conducted by TinyPulse in which it showed four effects of employee recognition and appreciation:

  • They want to stay

  • They enjoy being with others

  • They believe the workplace is fun

  • They rate their leaders positively

Also, companies can offer incentives and promotions to motivate others to do their best and aim to grow with the company. This practice increase workplace retention as well as productivity.

3.8 Billion

Employees are the heart of the company, keep them pumped up and alive by being their blood.

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