The one factor that can break the reputation of many businesses is poor customer reviews written by dissatisfied customers. It is true that poor reviews are universal in every industry—no matter how prominent some are. In short, we can’t please everyone. However, it doesn’t mean that we can’t remedy it. Start elevating your customers’ experience through reliable customer service.

People are complicated. Their background, issues, perceptions, and experiences contribute to their personality and approach in letting out frustration in calls. But by utilising some Psychological tips, agents understand customers better, lead them in the right direction, and turn a bad scenario around.


Angry customers can show their frustration when:

  • There’s a delay in addressing the customer 

  • The issue is not resolved 

  • Their voice gradually increases as the call progresses

To handle these situations properly agents simply need to listen. Let the customer finish talking before even attempting to defuse the situation. At the same time, agents should be jotting down relevant details that are contributing to the main problem. Notes help agents solve the issue more efficiently.

But when agents don’t listen, they pass the caller on to another colleague, building up more frustration.

 72% customers dislike repeating and explaining their problems to multiple agents

Stay Calm

No matter how long a customer rants, agents have to stay calm. Staying calm prevents making the situation worse. Breathe and keep an even tone especially if customers ask questions or fish for affirmations.


Once a customer finishes ranting, apologise right away. When agents apologise, customers must hear and feel the sincerity in it. Sometimes the automatic response “We apologise for the inconvenience.”  is too monotonous which annoys customers more. With sincere apologies, it can calm a giant down.

Agents apologise once customer finishes ranting

Customers are humans, speak like one too.

Fight or Flight Mode OFF

In some situations, customers would still complain and even insult an agent after an apology which could switch his/her defence mechanism. This could lead to more stress or worse, an argument with a customer. Again, remain calm and listen. 

No matter how much customers complain about the outcome of their situation, agents need to be mindful that they can’t change what has already happened. However, they surely can affect what follows.


When an agent finishes analysing the whole problem, he/she should automatically offer alternatives and solutions that resolve the issue, breaking the dissatisfied state of the customer. Additionally, the depth of knowledge an agent has with the products and/or services plays a key role in figuring out the appropriate actions to take.

Finally, before the call ends, agents must continue to display quality customer service by going the extra mile in asking what else they can do for the customer. Little acts like this greatly contribute to how people see a company’s workforce as a whole.

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