Outsourcing a call centre service from the right BPO company can help develop different SMEs to their fullest potential. Call Centre services are like gift boxes filled with the potential to increase customer satisfaction rates, leads, sales, ROI, and other benefits.

Those benefits can happen by outsourcing agents who are dedicated, hardworking and are trainable. However, it also helps when they know fundamental call center terminologies to smoothen business processes and transactions. You might or will encounter these terminologies or jargons when you visit your agents’ office.


This term refers to a time where customers have to wait until an operator is available to answer any inquiries.

Abandoned Call

A call that ended before any conversation started.


Another attempt by the caller after they get a busy signal from the call center.

Universal Agent

An agent who is skilled to do both inbound and outbound calls.

Call Logging

A process where a person can assess, record or listen to a conversation between an agent and a customer.


It is an electronic device that dials telephone numbers automatically to increase further call center efficiency.

Side-by-Side Call Listening

This occurs when someone sits alongside you and listens to your call. The person listens through a Y-chord attached to the phone.


A scenario when an agent offers a higher value product to a customer who only asked for a basic one.


The rate of agents who decided to quit in a specific period of time.

 Warm Transfer

A kind of call transfer that happens when a call is transferred to another call line. Once the other caller is ready, the previous caller introduces him/her to the customer.

The Frontliner

A Frontliner is responsible for transferring calls to other departments.


Incentives are bonuses given to agents that have performed exceptionally well for a span of time.

Team Leader

A person is responsible for managing his team or campaign of call center agents.

Peaked Call Arrival

A scenario when there is a spike of calls within a short period of time.

Open Ticket

A transaction from a customer that has not been resolved.

Screen Pop

It displays all the relevant information of a customer on the screen of an agent.

Skill Based Routing

A call center solution in which a customer is brought to the most skilled agent rather than to the first agent available.

Automated Broadcast

This occurs when there is a need to announce a new product, service, or even a marketing campaign.

Outbound Calls

Calls that are made by an agent to a partner organization or customer.

Inbound Calls

Calls that are made by customers to an agent.

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