The road of every small business owner is tough. Common challenges faced by SMEs are setting-up brand awareness, ensuring sales growth, facing competitions, and establishing stability, leaving owners no choice but to distribute multiple tasks to his team and himself. However, this won’t be practical as the business continues to grow.

With new customers coming in administrative workload increases. Save your in-house staff from additional weight by outsourcing a formidable back-office team. Regardless of different back-office tasks, they all work hand-in-hand with your front-office team in keeping business transactions seamless—one of its many benefits.

What is Back-Office? 

Back-office is a kind of support that enhances customer experiences with the absence of actually facing a customer or client in real life. In a way, they make it possible for front-office staff to face clients by equipping them with the needed documents, records, and information. 

Think of their relationship like the car industry. The designers, mechanics, factory workers, and suppliers are the back-office support while the sales team is the forefront team. 

5 Differences between Back and Front Office

The front and back-office teams have a dynamic relationship. One cannot directly be effective and useful in the absence of the other. With that, one must know and identify the difference between the two. Here are there differences:

Back-office vs Front office - forward bpo

Extracting Back Office Outsourcing

In 5 Types of Back Office Outsourcing, we were able to highlight the basic back-office support tasks which were mainly being a virtual assistant, human resource, web application development & design, data management, and account & financial services.

These services can be extracted and divided into smaller roles that still contribute to smoother business transactions.

Virtual Assistants 

  • SEO Specialists

  • Web Developer

  • Content Writer

  • Project Management

  • Create Reports and Presentations

  • Business Proposals

Human Resource Services

  • Recruitment

  • Analytics

  • Payroll

  • Administration

  • Employee data management service

Web Application Development & Design Services

  • Social Media Posters

  • Mobile Layout

  • Brand Logos

  • Powerpoint Designs

Data Management Services

  • Data entry

  • Data processing

  • Data mining

  • Data cleansing

Accounting and Financial Services

  • Payroll Processing

  • Loan and Credit

  • Bookkeeping

  • Internal Audit

  • Financial Reports

Benefits of Back-Office Outsourcing

Adding an in-house outsourcing team can cost a lot for a growing SME. Fortunately, the practise of outsourcing has become a life-saver for startups in the past years. These are the benefits you are likely to experience having when you partner with a great Australian Call Center Outsourcing Company.

  • Costs Are Low

  • Access to the Latest in Tech

  • Concentrate on Core Business Responsibilities

  • Skilled Personnel

  • Diminish workload from Inhouse Staff

  • Better Customer Experience

  • Seamless Business Workflow

  • 24/7 Availability

Forward BPO

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