Social media has not only changed how people communicate, it has also made a huge impact on how businesses advertise and market. In a recent survey, 90% of marketers have claimed that social media marketing has helped increase their business exposure and website traffic. This, among many other benefits, show how social media marketing can be the best ladder for putting your brand closer to the top in terms of marketing.

However, crucial mistakes can change all that, and you might commit them if you’re ill-prepared or uninformed

In this blog, we highlight some of the most common social media marketing mistakes businesses make as well as key tips on how to avoid them

Being Silent

Your followers use social media to communicate and interact not just with their friends but with their favourite brands as well. There is no point in making a social media account for your business if you don’t have any intention to actually engage with your followers. Not replying to comments, messages, or feedback could lead to your followers switching brands and your brand having a more negative social media reputation. Remember that people, both online and offline, want to know that they matter, and one way to make them feel that way is to actually interact with them. This shows that you look at them (and their feedback) as more than just mere social media stats.

To avoid losing followers, listen to them and be engaging. When you answer questions or even acknowledge comments, it convinces them that you care about their concerns. Another tip to consider is to try your best to respond to messages quickly as studies have shown that customers usually expect fast replies.

Becoming an engaging brand could lead to your followers recommending your page to their friends, growing your business’ social media network.

Posting Only One Type of Content

If you want your social media content to be effective, you must treat it more than just something that provides product information. Content, if done creatively, can instantly make your brand connect with your followers. However, companies sometimes lose that kind of connection when content is being distributed or created the same way always.

To create, nurture, and maintain that connection with your audience, you could try creating different kinds of social media content. Doing so reduces the risk of your audience being bored and lets you know which kind of content and delivery methods work best. Blogs, images, simple text-based posts, and even polls are some of the things you can do. You could also go with infographics, which is liked thrice as much as any other content medium in social media, and video creation which has been quite effective in converting viewers into buyers.

The idea here is to avoid being too “robotic” and boring your followers with the same kind of content as well as knowing which content type and medium works best for reaching your social media marketing goals.

Wrong Social Media Audience

Your business’ target audience refers to the group of people you should be aiming to inform or sell your products and services to. If you target the wrong audience on social media, then you’re basically just wasting time and effort as this won’t really result in leads and conversions. Think of it as similar to marketing real estate properties on social media with a profile and network primarily composed of teens still in school.

This is the reason why businesses should also conduct extensive marketing research on social media. Marketing research helps businesses know which areas they should improve on, what their competitors are doing, who their target audiences are, and where they can effectively market their products and services.

Marketing research gives a brand much needed information which can be used to improve their social media marketing approach and decision-making.

Not Having a Social Media Plan

Many businesses think that managing their brand’s social media profile is just the same as managing their own personal accounts. This is the wrong mindset, especially since your goals for having a business and personal social media profile are different. The result could be anything from miscommunication to focusing on the wrong goals on social media.

To avoid falling into this trap, you should approach social media marketing the same way you approach strategic planning for any kind of marketing campaign. Set specific goals, know your budget limitations and target audience, have a concrete plan of action, analyse and measure your success, and identify the resources you’ll need (e.g. manpower for graphic design, social media monitoring, and budget for social media ads) to allocate.

Planning your social media marketing thoroughly makes things clearer in terms of what you want to achieve and what you need to get there as well as the key areas you should focus on, resulting in more efficiency and less wasted time and effort.

Making Things Right

It is normal to make mistakes in social media. But not learning from those mistakes is something that must be avoided, especially for start-ups who are just starting to make their way through the business world.

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