Keeping your customers happy is great for business as according to a study done by Bain & Company, repeat customers are likely to spend 67% more on a brand. And in this age of Experience Economy, investing in customer service is one of the smartest business decision brands can make—whether this is delivered in-house or through a BPO company (outsourcing). 


Statistics: Why Great Customer Service Matters

  • 82% of customers say that fast resolution of the issue is the number one factor behind a great or exceptional customer service
  • 79% of today’s customers still prefer to contact a call center agent. This is despite the presence of tools and apps that allow users to get answers or solve issues themselves 
  • 64% of customers would not recommend a brand after a bad customer service experience
  • 20% chance of winning back a customer once they have experienced poor customer service 


Essential Customer Service Skills

  • Knowledge and Skills. One of the most important things a person working in customer service should have. Agents should undergo training to have a good understanding of the client’s business. This includes their products, services, their brand, and what the company stands for in general. Contact centres these days also include culture training to ensure that agents can build a rapport with their customers. 


  • Communication Skills. Agents need to be capable of giving information in a concise and clear manner while sounding friendly or conversational. Part of having good communication skills is the ability to control the conversation which is needed in cases when dealing with an irate caller or a caller 


  • The Right Attitude. Having the right attitude is just as important as having the necessary knowledge to do the job. As being in customer services means you’ll be working with people most of the time, it is important that agents have both empathy and a positive attitude. Empathy involves acknowledging customer concerns, careful listening, showing that you care, and avoiding assumptions. A positive attitude, on the other hand, is being professional, pleasant, and confident throughout the call.


  • Adaptability. Anything can happen during a call and that’s why it’s important that agents are prepared for all possible scenarios. Customer demands may vary and channels can switch. New concerns can also be uncovered. Adaptability allows for smooth transitions (e.g. from email to live chat) and proper resolution of the customer’s issue. It also increases the customer’s trust for the brand. 


  • The Extra Mile. Delight your customers and convert them into your very own brand advocate by giving more than what’s expected. Learn to anticipate their needs so you’ll know what else you can do for them. 


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