In the business landscape, it’s clear that outsourcing has been leading the charge of being the best practice companies choose to cut operational costs and prosper in their desired industry. Along with outsourcing’s cost-effective ability, the way agents approach customers is paramount to the success of a company.

Agents that deliver great customer service can spell a lot of benefits for businesses—and you can have that too. If you are searching for an Australian call center company to partner with, make sure their agent has these six qualities to experience maximum productivity:


Agents who open the conversation should possess a welcoming tone. A monotonous voice can make customers feel like they are talking to a robot and often, put down the call right away.

Right Attitude

It is also important that you look for agents who are consistent in portraying the right attitude, no matter what mood their customers might be. Having a friendly tone builds up rapport and trust with customers which could lead to an increase in customer satisfaction rates.

Cool Under Pressure

There will be times customers would be angry or frustrated with your product/service. In situations like this, it’s vital to have agents who keep their cool under hot pressure. Keeping their cool gives customers time to slowly cool down and come back to their senses.


One thing that can drive customers crazy is if they don’t get straight answers from agents. Make sure you outsource agents who are willing to learn what your SME is and aren’t hesitant to ask questions when things seem unclear.

Genuinely Listens

Want your customers to stay? Have agents that genuinely listen. Listening entails understanding what your customers are frustrated about without ever interrupting. By doing that, agents will provide the right information and suggestions that can help solve whatever problem the customer is facing.

 Applies Feedback

During an agent to customer conversation, the latter might give (without warning) feedback. Regardless of what kind of feedback that is, agents can reflect and consider applying it the next time they call a customer.

For example, a customer might comment on how an agent talks too fast. With the feedback, the agent can practice controlling the speed he talks to avoid getting the same feedback from the next customer.

Get What You Deserve

Being able to have agents that deliver great customer service creates loyal customers; they will refer your business to friends, colleagues, and family. Achieve that by outsourcing the agents of Forward BPO.

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