In one of our blogs entitled “Data Entry Virtual Assistant”, we explained the definition and the skills needed for a great data entry service team. In this blog, we will show you the different tasks of an outsourced data entry team and the benefits SMEs are more likely to experience.

The Different Australian Data Entry Tasks

Cleaning Data

A task where Data Entry Specialists that work to detect and remove errors or mistakes from online documents such as MS Word and MS Excel. 

Updating Data

This is a task where data clerks input or type in customer/client information whether new or old.

Copy and Paste

A simple task that requires data specialists to copy a pdf document and paste it to a word document.


Data entry specialists make captions for articles, blogs, and social media posts.

Converting Audio to Text

Another task where a data entry clerk converts an audio recording to a text document.

Medical Coding

Transcribing medical records, diagnosis, and procedures to alphanumeric codes.

Online Survey

Inputting questions on an online survey form for customers to help their firm know what to enhance in their products and services.

Email Processing

These are data entry clerks that specialize in analysing and categorizing email requests on an Excel spreadsheet.

Benefits of Outsourcing Australian Data Entry Services

Keen Data Entry Experts

Want lesser to zero data errors? You can experience that by outsourcing keen data entry specialists. 

Reasonable Prices

Through outsourcing data entry services, every service is cost-friendlier than hiring an in-house team.

Updated State of the Art Technology

Outsourcing gives SMEs the chance to acquire a world-class data entry team and at the same time, the software programs they’ll use to make their work easy.

Enhanced Productivity

By outsourcing only the best data entry specialists, they’re expected to finish work faster, with lesser errors resulting in better office productivity.

Improved Data Security

Data experts who are trustworthy and skilled at what they do are individuals you want to keep in the long run. They will manage and secure the data of every customer and client you have.

Concentrate on Business Growth Strategies

Having reliable data entry clerks allows SME owners to concentrate on revenue-generating activities.

Outsource to Forward BPO

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