As previously mentioned in our past Virtual Assistant blogs, this service is one of the most flexible workforces in the world —with over 50 possible VA tasks. In this blog, we will discuss one specific task a virtual assistant can do to give you more breathing room; data entry virtual assistant. 

But first, let’s review what a virtual assistant is.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is generally known to be an employee that handles professional technical, administrative, and creative assistance to a client at home or the office.

Data Entry

A data entry virtual assistant or clerk is an employee that inputs or enters data into a client’s computer system. Here are the other responsibilities they do:

  1. Preparing, organising, and sorting out relevant company data.

  2. Inputting and typing important information on different company documents and files.

  3. Maintain Company records of activities and other tasks.

  4. Take in Medical details and history

  5. Spreadsheet Reporting

  6. Encoding Customer contact information

  7. Checking work for enhanced accuracy

Data Entry Skills Needed

Since Data Entry Virtual Assistants do a lot of work, they need to have a set of skills to boost productivity.

  1. Fast Typer

  2. Few Typing Errors

  3. Administrative Skills

  4. Great Written and Communication Abilities

  5. Highly Focused

  6. Delivers Great Customer Service

  7. Multi-tasker

  8. Practices Time Management

  9. Software Knowledge

  10. Keen Observer

What Forward BPO’s team can do

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Work-life Balance

To drive better results, we cultivate a culture of work-life balance. We believe that if our employees are happy, they’ll not only stay but also perform optimally.


When you partner with Forward BPO, you are trusting a flexible BPO company. We are accustomed to adapting to different shifts in market perspectives, development of tech, and industry expansion.

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