The Philippines is home to many BPO companies providing various outsourcing services for clients locally and all around the world. The country’s high English literacy rate, compatibility with western culture, and budget-friendly costs are some of the many reasons why the country remains to be a strong hub for the BPO industry. These reasons give BPO companies in the Philippines better opportunities to offer different outsourcing services, including inbound and outbound call center services.

Inbound and outbound call center services are two of the most popular types of BPO services. You’ve probably already heard of these terms, maybe from friends, relatives, or colleagues who work within the call center industry. However, many still don’t know what they mean or, worse, confuse one for the other.

In this blog, we explain what inbound and outbound call center services are and how they differ from each other.

Inbound Call Center Services

An inbound call center service takes a more traditional approach in terms of phone-based customer services compared to an outbound call center service. It involves agents handling emails, texts, live chat inquiries, and incoming calls from customers. To simplify, this is where the customer calls or reaches out to you instead of the other way around.

One advantage of inbound call center services is that it is customer-focused. This is because customers ask assistance from agents when it comes to the products they provide. It could be about a serious malfunction or a simple inquiry about a product feature, and agents are expected to know what and how to respond. As such, it is important to outsource to a BPO company that has agents who are willing to know and understand your products or services. Research also shows that inbound call center services can lead to higher ROI for a business when done right. Below are a few other advantages of inbound call center services:

  • Improved productivity

  • Can lead to more savings

  • Can be used to win back customers

Outbound Call Center Services

Compared to inbound call center services, outbound call center services take a more proactive approach. Agents make outgoing calls to prospective and current customers with the goal of selling their company’s products and services or setting up appointments. In contrast to inbound agents who wait for a call, outbound call center agents are more like marketers or sales persons who make the first move and contact potential clients.

An advantage of outbound call center services is that it can generate more leads for a business. Agents with pleasing personalities and good communication skills are more likely to convince potential clients to purchase what they are selling—which is why they’re also in demand within the BPO industry. Below are a few advantages of outbound call center services:

  • Ability to generate leads and conversions

  • Network-building

  • Lead qualifications

  • Faster than the traditional outbound approach

To better understand and recognize the difference between inbound and outbound call center services, we’ll mention the different types for each.

Types of Inbound Call Centre Services

A.   Customer support – The definition is in the name itself—being able to attend to and address customer needs and concerns before, during, and after purchasing the product through meaningful interactions.

B.   Technical troubleshooting/Help desk – This is where agents help customers identify and solve computer- or device-related problems as well as evaluate IT products. This can evolve into on-site tech support, desktop support, and network tech support.

Types of Outbound Call Centre Services

A.  Customer surveys – This service involves agents calling customers to ask their views and opinions about the products that the company is selling. It’s also a chance for businesses to know what particular products or services are performing well and the issues that need to be fixed. In a sense, it could already be viewed as a form of small-scale market research.

B.  Telemarketing services – This service involves agents calling and promoting their company’s products and services over the phone to potential customers in the hopes of gaining more leads and converting them into customers.

If you are still having a hard time distinguishing the difference between inbound and outbound, maybe this can help: Inbound is when customers call “IN” to ask help from agents while outbound is where agents reach “OUT” to people to see if they are interested in buying a product.


Using inbound and outbound call center services can point your business to the right direction. From improved customer experience to effective lead-generation, both types of services have key advantages and benefits businesses can leverage to gain more success and progress. That is if you partner with the right BPO company.

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