Our Headquarters

Forward BPO is situated in the Philippines— one of the premier destinations for BPO companies around the world. Our office is located at FPN EPIC Centre, A. S. Fortuna St, Mandaue City, 6014 in Cebu City. With our location, our clients won’t have a hard time traveling to our office since it is just 8 kilometers away from the airport and 5 minutes away from the mall.

Additionally, our building offers different facilities which improve the quality of life of our clients and employees such as a wide canteen area, convenience store, and a parking lot.

Our Operations Floor

Our BPO company has 880+ seats situated in three state-of-the-art operation floors that can only be accessed by a proximity card. Each of the floors has four bays with each station having two dual monitors with backup UPS power giving our employees more chances in improving their productivity.

We have also installed several 24/7 CCTV cameras across all floors tightening Forward BPO’s employee and property (both physical and intellectual) security.

Our Training Room

At Forward BPO, we make it a priority to give all of our clients the best agents— which starts in our training room. We have at least 1-2 training rooms per floor that are designed to accommodate different training stages and needs for our agents and hires. To better enhance their learning environment, we provide a number of monitors, headsets, speakers, projectors, and air conditioning.

Along with our highly-skilled trainers, we expect nothing but the best for our agents once they walk out the doors on their last day of training.

Our Infrastructure

One of the worst nightmares a client could experience is a breach in their data server. That wouldn’t happen here in Forward BPO. We are certified PCI DSS compliant which means our data system is highly secured and locked down with adaptive firewall systems and strict security policies.

Additionally, our server room is fully air conditioned and regularly monitored by our highly-skilled IT technicians. Our redundancy protocol ensures that our servers can fully function and work for 24 hours a day seven days a week.