One important factor that can play a role in your decision of partnering with the right outsourcing partner is the type of services they have available.

In this blog, we will present to you four of the basic outsourcing services most BPO companies can offer to firms of different sizes.

Multi-Channel Customer Care

This type of pillar pertains to agents answering & handling customer inquiries and concerns. The concerns come from the product or services you’re selling and at times can be about your brand itself. Now, the reason why it’s called “multi-channel” is of the fact that an outsourcing company can offer customer support through several channels or communication mediums. Generally, these are the different channels an outsourcing company can offer:

  1. Phone Support – The traditional customer support service where a customer relays his or her concerns over the phone.

  2. Email Support – A customer support channel where customers who are into writing can email there concerns.

  3. Live Chat – A modern type of customer support that allows agents to answer customer inquiries over the official website.

  4. Social Media – Another modern customer support by which agents and customers interact through comments, messenger, or through privates direct social messages.

The more flexible the services, the more convenient it is for the customers.

Tailored Technical Support

If you’re in the tech industry, hiring too many technical supports can be costly. The best way to solve this problem is through outsourcing. By partnering with a reliable outsourcing partner, you will acquire a top-notch technical support team— giving customer support more opportunities to smoothen customer relationships.

Effective Back Office Support

Back-office support is another outsourcing type that can help smoothen the interactions between front-office support and your customers. They mostly handle clearances, record maintenance, settlements, accounting, and at times, IT services. Other services include virtual assistant, data management, online research, and financial services.

Versatile Sales Team

This type of service might probably be one of the most common outsourcing solutions BPO companies offer. Sales services are normally spearheaded by two sales solutions such as inbound and outbound sales.

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