Outsourcing has become a widely-accepted business practice during the past decade and is expected to continue to boom well into the new decade. From 2016 to 2018 alone, there was a reported 49% increase in the number of organizations who have availed of various outsourcing services in an effort to grow their business (Source: Deloitte). 

Benefits like lower operating costs, access to knowledge and tools, in-house efficiency, and better customer experience are just a few of the many reasons behind this increase. Plus, the fact that there’s already a lot of centers to choose from should one decide to outsource. 

As outsourcing has evolved through the years, it is not uncommon for anyone new or unfamiliar to this concept to be confused with the variety of services being advertised out there especially on the internet. The good news is there is a way around this and that is to focus on the four major types of outsourcing services and work your way from there. This helps interested parties decide which one is best for based on timeline, type of product or service, or the kind of expertise needed. 


  • Professional Services

As the name suggests, professional services involve services delivered by a professional or a specialist. A good example is when a company turns to a third-party provider to get the services of developer/s who can work on their app. Another common example is when one outsources accounting or legal services. This is a perfect solution when hiring an in-house professional is not financially feasible as it frees you from paying for the cost associated with recruitment, training, equipment, etc. 


  • Manufacturing 

Talent is not the only thing that can be outsourced. Some companies partner with offshore manufacturers where materials and labor are cheaper to handle the production of certain components or the entire product itself. 


  • Project-based 

Clients can also partner with BPO providers for their one-time projects such as website design or revamp or setting up an ad for a one-time campaign. Businesses handling big data at times outsource data entry specialists for their seasonal projects. Another good example is getting a center if one is expecting a surge of customer calls (e.g. holiday season, sale, game finals). 


  • Operational Outsourcing Services 

There are instances where one would use outsourcing to handle certain a part of their operations such as repair, delivery, or maintenance. With this setup, one can benefit from new business practices that a new team can bring. 


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