Building a company from scratch is never easy. In fact, that’s just the first step. Handling and maintaining it during the first few years can take so much out of the SME owner. It’s a common action for these owners to hire a few employees to save costs, but let’s face it; some tasks have to be handled by the experts.

This is where Virtual Assistants come in.

Virtual Assistants are one of the most flexible workforces in the world. They are capable of doing numerous tasks and will still be able to deliver quality output. So, what can they do?

Possible Virtual Assistant Tasks

  1. Web Designer

  2. Social Media Designer

  3. Video Editing

  4. Content Writer

  5. SEO Specialist

  6. Email Support

  7. Travel Arranger

  8. Appointment Setter

  9. Project Manager

  10. Lead Generation

  11. Market Researcher

  12. Bookkeeping

  13. Social media Specialists

  14. PPC

  15. IT support

Those are just 15 out of the many possible virtual assistant tasks. Right now, you might be wondering why they are that flexible. Well, that can be answered by the bucket of privileges it brings to both virtual assistants and SME owners.

Advantages of Hiring Virtual Assistants

Minimal Stress

Virtual Assistants don’t need to travel to work and face the hassle of traffic and air pollution, which by the way contributes to the development of stress. They mostly do their work in the comfort of their homes.

Work-life Balance

Virtual Assistants also have more time to prepare for their life after the 8-hour work shift. It saves them from experiencing tension and stress of preparing quickly and travelling to a family dinner or a night out with friends. The best part? They aren’t forced to wake up early after a great evening.

More Time For You

Less stress for them also means less stress for you. Having VAs gives you a breathing room from doing tasks you have minimal expertise on—providing you leeway to do growth-oriented tasks.

Maximise Time

If you want to have your business operating for 24 hours, you can choose to outsource a pair or three virtual assistants with their corresponding shifts. This can lead to more customer interactions and eventually, sales & conversions.

Friendlier Prince = Quality Results

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant means you get tedious professionals at a much lower price. The money you save from this gives you the chance to invest it elsewhere may it be in office spaces, chairs, computers, or even expansion.

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