Years ago, companies started to outsource their business operations and functions to offshore locations. One of the benefits of business outsourcing is that it can cut down costs, increase efficiency, target new markets, and have certain projects started right away so that the company can focus more on their core business activities.

However, if you are planning to outsource, you have to know that not every BPO company can give you the results you want. Partnering with the wrong BPO company would be a waste of time, effort, and money.

You want a BPO company that will consider your business’ situation and needs. More importantly you also need a BPO company that could actually deliver the solutions to those needs.

So, what should you consider in choosing the right BPO company for your business?

What They Offer

One of the very first things that you should do when choosing a BPO company is knowing what services they actually provide. Some BPO companies offer or specialize in only one or a couple of types of services. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, it might be better to consider other options since, chances are, they’re not experts or an authority in the business discipline you’re thinking of.

But what if your business is in need of more than one service? Should you hire another BPO company?

In this scenario, unless you’re one hundred percent sure that going with another service provider will lead to better results and/or less expenses, it’s better to partner with just one BPO company that can do both. Consistency is key here and dealing with more adjustments due to another third-party being in the scene might result in more confusion, mismanaged expectations, and miscommunication.

Working Hours

When listing prospective BPO companies to partner with, see if their operating hours match your business’. This is important because some BPO companies have both day and night shifts (which means they’re open 24 hours) while others follow the regular 9-5 schedule. Going with a BPO company that has identical or similar working hours as you is more efficient and convenient, leading to less headaches when it comes to things such as client support and setting up meetings.

Available Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in the BPO industry, especially in terms of communication and work management. As such, when choosing an outsourcing partner, it’s always wise to go with one that has the latest technology to help address your needs.

Ask and consider certain factors such as the software and hardware they use, system configurations they base their digital frameworks on, and even the type of internet connectivity they have (and how fast or reliable it is). If possible, take time to also visit at least one of their offices to see if things are acceptable when it comes to the working environment and the technology/devices available.

Testimonials Matter

When making a decision, consider how a BPO company is perceived by their former employees and businesses who have partnered with them. Why? Because testimonies matter—they offer an important glimpse of how working with them is like. Wouldn’t you want to know that before signing on the dotted line?

Look at online reviews on different websites (Google reviews and Glassdoor) and on social media networks (FB, LinkedIn). However, when you’re reading reviews, don’t focus your attention solely on negative feedback and consider the positive ones as well. Doing so will allow you to make a more well-rounded decision.

Employee Turnover Rate

Higher turnover rates means more employees constantly leave and are replaced within a company. This means that, as a client, there’s a real possibility that you’ll have to deal with new faces, resulting in more adjustments and training. This could disrupt your operations and lessen efficiency.

One of the factors that lead to high turnover rates is the company itself. According to this report, a staggering 75% of employees choose to resign due to factors related to their managers of the management. This is an important point—remember that the way a company treats its workers can also be a reflection of how it deals with its partners and clients.

Language and Communication

To avoid miscommunication and achieve efficient collaboration, make sure to partner with a BPO company that speaks your and your target market’s language. While English is often seen as the global business language, there are companies that will seek BPO companies proficient in other languages. For example, a company that aims to enter the Chinese market may want to work with a BPO company which has a pool of excellent Chinese speakers.

That said, this is one of the reasons why the Philippines ranks high on the list of BPO destinations. Our proficiency in speaking English allows us to cater to a variety of businesses and markets from all over the world.

Outsourcing has its fair share of risks and benefits, but if you are careful and knowledgeable on what to consider in choosing the right BPO company, you’ll eventually find one that will help you elevate your business.

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