Here at Forward BPO, we encourage everyone to get to know the outsourcing services industry better. In our previous blog entitled Types and Benefits | Outsourcing Information Technology Services, we discussed the basic information about IT services and the benefits it can bring to your company once you decide to outsource. 

This time we believe that as we aim to convince you to outsource IT services it’s also imperative that you’ll be familiar with its different jargons from A to Z.  Below are the jargons you are expected to encounter once you choose to outsource. 


Coding figures that a computer follows and processes.

Access point

A gadget that gives wireless equipped CPUs and other devices to connect and communicate with a wired network.


The amount of data which is passed and carried from one network to another in a given time frame.


This is a phenomenon where a private network becomes infected with malicious software.


It is a software that runs on the internet rather than on your computer (Dropbox, Netflix, Apple iCloud, Google Drive)


Also known as Cloud Service Provider, a business model offering different cloud services.


An organised collection of information that can be tracked easily by a computer application.

Domain Name

These are considered the base part of a website name like


It is where information is transformed into a code so that people won’t pry.


A wire that connects computers to a local area network.


A software that stops or blocks certain types of software.


The File Transfer Protocol is a method of exchanging files among computers using the internet.


A kind of device that directs traffic between networks.


HyperText Markup Language is used for the creation of our webpages.

Help Desk

An information assistance resource that helps customers solve computer-related issues. In a sense, they provide customer support service.

IT Specialists

Experts who were trained to understand everything related to IT.

IP Address

The address of your computer on a network.


Local Area Network (LAN) is a network that is placed on your office or home network.


This is also known as a URL that is used as a reference point that can be clicked or sent.

Male Connector

A connector containing pins and plugs that are used to connect one device to another.


A software that is created to get pass through another system and damage any data contained in it.

Network Hub

The connection point for network devices.


Converts the name of the internet domains into the exact IP address and vice versa.

Operating Systems

A known software that assists a computer’s basic processes and functions.


A qualified IT individual that provides technical support services on a work or business office.


A software that is made to regularly update, improve, and fix a computer program.


Random Access Memory is a space provided for your computer to be able to read and write data. This is also known as the memory capacity of a computer.

Remote Desktop

A feature in Windows that gives you the option to access another computer in a different location.


Made to process requests and distribute data to other devices or computers.


A problem-solving program used to find and resolve computer and software issues.

USC Port

A device used as the connector of a USB to a computer.


A malicious program designed to alter and even destroy data on the computer.


A malware program that replicates in order to spread to other devices.

404 Error

A message that says the website page link is no longer available.

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