The need for technical support service

Software, cable TV, electronics, and telecommunications companies should do more for its clients than just sell them the latest tech products or services. The most important selling point here is not offering deals or discounts, but providing exceptional technical support for end users.

Role of technical support representatives

Technical support representatives provide customer service to end users by troubleshooting technical issues with their computers, cable TV, Internet, electronics, networks, etc. Most issues or concerns end users have with technologies have to do with instructions for use or setup, finding bugs, service interruption, repairs, and upgrades. They take calls from end users who need help with:

  • Retrieval of password or username
  • Installing/uninstalling software applications
  • Hardware/software setup
  • Verification and validation
  • Navigation around application menus
  • Service connection problem resolution
  • Web application development

Most technical support are carried out over the phone, but in some call centers, representatives provide support through email and chat.  Another thing to put in consideration is that support service is for all types of end users. Techies or not, tech support should address each caller with the utmost courtesy, respect, and empathy.

Skills every tech support should have

It is never an easy job for TSRs to provide remote assistance to end users. It’s a challenge to assist callers who aren’t technologically literate. How can they assist end callers who can’t properly detail the technical issue they are encountering? Still, tech support shouldn’t back down from such a challenge, and should strive to provide good service.

It helps for tech support representatives to possess three important skills:

  • Knowledge of the company/client’s product or service – End users will expect you to know more than them about your company’s product/service? How can you support them if you don’t know how the product/service works?
  • Excellent communication – This includes listening, speaking, and writing. Agents should learn how to listen thoroughly so they can understand what callers are trying to tell them, speak clearly so they can understand instructions, and write concisely so end users can understand emails or chat conversations.
  • Analytical thinking and problem solving – Even if an end user can’t properly detail the problem they’re experiencing, the tech support would already know what the problem is. With careful analysis (plus knowledge of the product or service concerned), they can resolve the issue without causing the end user much hassles and confusion.

Outsource your technical support

Complement your products or services with an exceptional technical support service by partnering with an outsourcing company in the Philippines that specializes in IT services. With outside experts manning the helpdesk, you can provide the best customer service people expect from an IT company.