In the world of entrepreneurship and e-commerce, Virtual Assistants are especially considered as in demand. With businesses aiming for low cost services without in need for office space rental, employers opt to hire virtual assistants who could provide them various professional services from a remote location.

Virtual Assistants are not just “online secretaries” as most people dubbed them to be. They offer much more than just clerical tasks. These various services include but is not limited to: administrative tasks, technical support, accounting tasks and creative tasks. Many virtual assistants specialize in a skillset that allows them to focus on performing services related to such skills. Some of which opt to focus on specific industries relating to their niche.

There are many key reasons and awesome business advantages in hiring a virtual assistant. Hiring a virtual assistant not only reduces cost but also increases efficiency by passing non-core tasks to VAs, enabling businesses to utilize time and core responsibilities better.

If you are interested in hiring a virtual assistant or if you are interested to know more about what types of services you can take advantage of, below is a list of virtual assistant services to help you kickstart your journey and utilize your decision in outsourcing virtual assistants.

  • Appointment Scheduling
    One of the most common services VAs can offer is handling your appointments to help you eliminate all backend bottlenecks. VAs can schedule general appointments like meetings, emails and calls. They can even schedule and efficiently plan appointments for any out-of-town business trips or conferences that you plan to attend to.
  • Bookkeeping
    Hiring a VA to be your bookkeeper costs you way lesser than hiring a full time employee to do your bookkeeping tasks. They ensure your bills are paid on time, reconcile bank and credit card statements, prepare invoices and ledgers, manage financial data in the system and help you create your year-end financial reports amongst others.
  • Calendar Management
    You will definitely leave your worries behind in terms of managing your time and schedule efficiently when you hire a virtual assistant as they help you manage your calendar schedule and track all activities plotted to make sure everything is organized and on the right track.
  • Content Writing
    VAs are a great help in boosting marketing efforts by creating creative and professional contents for blogs, newsletters, websites or articles. Using WordPress, Weebly or other chosen blogging platforms, they can write inputs that would help you lessen a considerable amount of time and research effort. With a defined process and goals, VAs who specialize in email marketing can especially take care of content research for you, paving the way for your target market to notice you.
  • Email Management
    VAs can help you manage and organize your email inbox, appropriating every email to its corresponding files, labels and or action items. They clean your inbox for you, deleting old and unnecessary emails and create canned responses to help you reply to messages quickly and seamlessly. You wouldn’t have to worry about the hundreds of messages you receive on a daily basis as VAs can certainly sort these things out for you.
  • Event Management
    Hiring a full-time event manager to deliver your events can be very expensive that is why VAs are a blessing. They can help you manage your upcoming events allowing you to focus on what you do best. Whatever event it would be – personal or work related – VAs can help you source the perfect location, organize speakers, contact people, process payments and monitor the overall event from start to finish.
  • File Management
    Whether you use Dropbox or Google Drive or any other local storage in your computer to store in your files, VAs ensure that your files are kept in the right place under the right filename accordingly, allowing you and your team to properly locate and access your files in an efficient and organized manner.
  • Receptionist
    Another common task VAs get to do are virtual receptionists. They handle calls and respond to emails. You may be bombarded with countless calls and emails on a daily basis which is too much to handle. Thus, VAs can serve as your support in answering customer inquiries and making necessary phone calls, ensuring professionalism at all times. Simply put, they can do customer service for you.
  • Report Making
    VAs can help write, edit and prepare report presentations to make it look more professional and ensure that objectives are met.
  • Setting-up Autoresponders
    VAs who specialize in email marketing can set-up autoresponders to provide a better and convenient service for your subscribers. By setting up autoresponders, VAs can immediately follow-up with new and prospective clients to ensure that you are responsive to their inquiries and concerns. From there on, VAs can nurture these contacts, sharing valuable content and information, until they become a customer.
  • Social Media Management
    VAs who specialize in social media marketing, do the job like that of a social media manager. They handle all your social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and etc., interacting with the audience and keeping social media profiles up to date. They are also responsible for creating engaging content and images for social media posts and managing social media campaigns to help boost your online presence.
  • Taking Down Minutes of the Meeting
    Just like most secretaries do, VAs can also take down minutes of the meeting during any discussion or meeting in place to record in summary the highlights of the meeting, including action points and decisions made. This is especially helpful as reference for action plans and making necessary follow ups.
  • Transcribing
    VAs can provide transcription services in different industries – general, medical or in the legal field. They can help transcribe audio files into the database system that would be beneficial in a variety of ways, especially for clients requiring general transcriptions as these can be repurposed as workbooks, ebooks, articles or blog posts.
  • Travel Management
    One of the most frequent tasks VAs get to do is travel management. Whether your destination would be a place where you have little to no knowledge and experience at all, VAs can certainly help you have a smooth sailing travel arrangements by placing hotel reservations, booking flights and ensuring car rentals ahead of time. Of course, they have to understand your requirements and expectations for every destination you are bound to. After which, you can leave your travel arrangements in the hands of your VA.
  • Website Management
    VAs who specialize in technical skills can highly support website management to ensure that your website is running in top shape and that all website-related needs are met. They can provide support on website issues and run maintenance to minimize website slowness or low bandwidth. Doing so would result in more opportunities for conversion and an increase in inbound traffic at low cost.

There’s so much more professional services virtual assistants can offer the table. And of course, it is wise to understand that not all VAs can do all these services at once. Since they offer different specialized skills, it is especially important to choose one that would match your requirement. Overall, hiring one would surely be an advantage especially for a growing business with an increasing workload. It helps you reduce cost, saves you time and effort and enables you to efficiently manage other core responsibilities amongst others.

If you wish to know more about virtual assistant services or if you are planning to outsource one, contact us at Forward BPO. Together, let’s move forward!