Forward BPO’s leadership with
20+ combined experience. Know them!

Our Executives

Get to know the people that are responsible for overseeing that the services you have purchased (and will get) are being delivered in the highest quality. These are the individuals who work hard to ensure that your information is secure and your customers are taken care of. They are the people whom we trust our processes and share our successes with. Be acquainted with them…

Brad Norman
Chief Executive Officer

Brad is the driving force behind Forward BPO and he is well-known as the man who is always ready to go the extra mile for his clients. This extra effort has allowed many of his clients to further streamline their business processes, focus on other lines of business that truly need their attention, and expand their operations.

Marivic Bacaltos
Company President

Marie is an experienced business professional with a strong customer service orientation and a diverse background in Client Services and Operations expertise. With 15 years of strategic success in the BPO industry, she runs the company-wide operational functions and leads large scale projects – improving ROI and achieving consistent year-over-year growth.

Emily Brocoy
Executive Director of Revenue

Emily has more than 15 years of experience not just in the field of Sales but in Operations, Client Services, and Training. She understands the requirements from a client’s perspective — a very notable advantage when generating new business for the company. She uses her versatility and strong sales background to acquire new businesses for Forward BPO.

Faye Karen Mutia
Director of Operations

Leadership through service. Faye has fourteen years of experience in developing company growths and organizational alignments in the BPO industry. This experience, coupled with her background in engineering and business management, helps enhance the bridge between the client goals and company mission with the workforce capabilities.

Darwin Bawasanta
Chief Technology Officer

Darwin is a seasoned IT and Management executive with over 20 years, majority of which are spent in the IT and BPO industry. He successfully led high performance teams in various stages of the organization’s transformation lifecycle, from inception to turn around or restructuring phase. He brings stable and sustainable IT services to support Forward BPOs clients and stakeholders.

Giovanni Brocoy
Human Resources Director

Giovanni is a management professional with an immense background in human resources, brand building, corporate governance and risk management. He’s instrumental to the alignment of the overall business operation to local regulations and international compliance standards while creating high touch, high value, and high impact people development programs.

Sherwyn Ayao
Director of Information System

Sherwyn has been an advancing professional in the IT industry for over eleven years, having mastered numerous programming languages, web technologies, and tools innovative by nature, he has been developing several database and CRM programs for our clients. Proving that with the right knowledge and tools, gaps can be mitigated through technology.

What makes us different?

  • Expertise + Tailored Fit Solutions – Our combined experience with failures and successes allows us to formulate the business solutions that don’t only work but also aims to provide results. Our packages and stand-alone services are created to answer your company challenges and to address your consumers’ needs.
  • Experienced Professionals – From our executives down to our employees, we only choose the people who are not only good but are great. We take our recruitment and screening seriously to only provide the best fit individuals for your campaigns. We have dedicated, highly-skilled, and hard-working professionals who will help you move forward. 
  • Huge Savings + Increase Productivity – Our services aim to address our clients’ concerns when it comes to cutting costs while increasing productivity. We see to it that our services answer our clients’ needs and provide huge savings without compromising the quality of service. Talk to us and you’ll see the difference. 
  • Zero Risk + Transparency – To build a longstanding relationship with our clients, we operate with transparency so that you’ll know the progress of your business with us. Our zero risk allows you to be flexible in choosing the service you need and its longevity. We also keep your information and your business’ name confidential as we believe everyone has the right to access privacy unless further specified. 

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