For many years, outsourcing has been a go-to business practice that has increased efficiency and revenue for companies worldwide. With its popularity in the business industry, it has gained many myths and misconceptions. 

It’s time to get to know what outsourcing really is and debunk the misconceptions surrounding this business practice.

BPO Services is Costly

Absolutely not. In fact, the primary reason why a business chooses to outsource different types of services is due to its cost-saving capability. There is a significant cost disparity when it comes to lower wages and lesser cost for equipment as well as office space once you outsource. 

It Only Benefits Large Companies

Although it can help well-established businesses, it also comes as a great backbone for startups and medium-sized companies. Through outsourcing, they can gain competitive ground with big companies.

Your Data is at Risk

Data might be at risk if one chooses to partner with a not-so-credible Business Process Outsourcing company. Businesses have to make sure that data security measures are updated and strong. Being a certified PCI DSS compliant can also be a sign of credible protection and utmost security. 

You Lose Control of your Business

This is nowhere near the truth. A great BPO partner will create and improve business strategies that can still fit with your company standards and vision. You will have complete access to what’s going on, the current status of the strategy, the risks, and the solutions.

In-house Staffing is Cheaper

Definitely not the case. Labour costs in countries such as the Philippines, one of the best countries to outsource, are relatively low. Up to 85% lower compared to the labour wage in the United States and you get the same skilled employees. 

Cost-Saving Benefit Only

When you find the right outsourcing partner, you are bound to receive more than you expect. You gain skilled professionals, better customer experience, a boost in in-house efficiency and many more.

Low Cost = Low Quality

Outsourcing wouldn’t become a business trend today if it wasn’t producing results. As mentioned before, outsourcing companies give you skilled professionals at friendlier prices due to labour costs in offshore countries.

Language can be a Problem

Another misconception we need to clear. A top outsourcing country such as the Philippines currently sits at number 14 in the Global Ranking for English Proficiency.

They Would Hire Just Anybody!

Debunked. Outsourcing companies make sure they hire professional individuals who are trainable and have the potential to be a contributor to the growth of their assigned client.

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