The digital age we are living right now allows us to connect and share our ideas and beliefs with people all around the world. As communication mediums (social media, apps, software, internet) grow, so does the number of startups.

Small and medium business owners have a greater chance of competing closely with its established competitors—especially if these startups practices offshoring to BPOs early. 

In this blog, we will present and explain to you what it means to offshore, things to consider, and the advantages you are likely to experience.

The Offshore Practice

Offshoring is a type of outsourcing practice that involves a firm acquiring different outsourcing services given by another company (preferably BPO) that is located in a separate country.

In a nutshell, you’ll receive an outsourced team working in another office. Depending on the BPO service provider, services such as live chat, virtual assistants, digital marketing, accounting, customer service, human resource, IT, and after-hours call answering service are usually being offered.

With that mountain of services, you are free to choose which one your organisation truly needs at the moment. But what are the other things you need to consider before you opt to offshore?

What to Consider in Offshoring

Assess, Assess, Assess

As previously mentioned, take a good look at your company and assess what part is lacking for consistent growth & development. You need to prepare questions to be asked on yourself first to determine what you truly need, for instance, you need to determine if you need more sales representatives over back-office support and/or if you may need more experienced accountants. By doing this you can target the challenges you are facing and decide what better business solution fits your long and short term goals. 

Make a List

Once you have realised what your business needs, it’s time to do some researching. Use all the resources you have in finding prospect BPO firms that offer the service/services you need and place them on a list.


Once you have compiled the list of the BPO prospects that have caught your eye, study them meticulously. Read their content, visit their social media pages, and read reviews. When you spot negative reviews or testimonials, don’t fixate your attention to that alone. Be fair and try to see what others are saying. In short, weigh in the pros and cons.

Inquire and Visit

At this stage, you might have had already crossed out some BPO firms in your list. Those who are still there, it’s time to communicate. Contact the BPO firms and as much as possible set an appointment.

When you’re in their office, be observant. Is their office modern? Are there agents happy and productive? Do your companies share similar cultures and perspectives? Probe and ask away.

After doing this, it’s time to assess, make the final decision, and call the lucky firm for the contract signing—and be ready to experience offshoring benefits!


By offshoring to a reliable partner, you are expected to see and live its numerous advantage:

  • Cost-Efficient

  • A world-class team

  • The latest in Software Programs

  • 24-hour option

  • Lower Risks

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